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  1. That's it! Thanks. It is a Cardinal and wearing light armor so I added a point to LAE and POOF! it works now. Now if I can remember the paths I took and skills I had on these guys I can reset their points. I'm exploring the guides section for ideas now, lol.
  2. I have an old account that I recently recovered. It has been a while since I played but I wanted to visit again and play some more. First thing I noticed was that all the characters skill points are reset. I haven't decided if that's cool yet or not, but I assume this means there was a big change in skills. So any information about this would be helpful. I also noticed that my higher level characters with "better" gear are still equipped with the gear but it is all red and it has the message that "This protector is not for your position. Defensive power is not currently applied". What's that about and how do I fix it?
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