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  1. Yup.. that IS the reason hahaha... i wish for you to got some imba philos :)
  2. For me.. yes.. H.set is got P.atk 5% + Chival get P.atk too... H.armor + M.boots + CB sets is for pure tanking type Higher Def + Higher Block + Higher Health but Very low Damage .. you cant hit... but you can take some hit for it.. so.. its an optional equip if you want to add it to your Character :)
  3. The P.def is already good ... how about your philo? do you follow my philo guide ? if you follow my philo guide at least you can get 4-5k p.def and 5k+ p.atk
  4. Hello there, it seems that you havent found the right way to farm... because before you farm.. you hit the monsters 1 by 1 until you get the Items separately... after you separate them... you now can hit freely :) .. until your bag goes full... Also.. those top 3 items rune carving leather, ore, and the white one (i forgot).. its an one of essential for crafting equipments and weapons 115 :) .. people still searching for that items and you can still sell them with a good price.... so dont throw it.. just keep it :)..
  5. 1. Im not sure until now about the Highly concentrate enchanted items, because.. i try Hathor STR 31 and Hathor P.atk 19,9 before.. they all do the same damage.. like 95% the same... i try to do Skill called "Sonic Boom" 20 skills each time and they all pretty much the same :) .. so Pretty much 1 P.atk = 1,5 STR 2. Tarintus is on Auto Spawn and Randomized by the Channels.. i never get to hit them hahaha.. 3. Highest Philo ?? the maximum philo of strike can be achieved by any chance with your "LUCK" because the Highest Hege Strike i've ever seen is 29 Strike.. and they sell it so damn expensive.. and back to the questions... you said Highest Philo that can be achieved? 50 Strike for each eqiupment since they got 5 lines of maximum philo with 10,0 Strikes each... and most of the people only got like 30-70% of the maximum lines and philo stats ... so ... keep trying :) and who know you will be the one that got that "GOLD" 4. Earn 100b ?? easy ... <just think its easy and dont think its a burden .. 100b need some process and not as easy as you think... i earn almost 7b a day with my Entrapper within 5-6 hours (NONSTOP) a day with normal Equipment and Rune Masters Buffs... within 10 days i already got 70b :) .. also try to spare your time to go to market.. sometimes people sell something very cheap.. and if you rarely go to market, you probably wont know the price of the items. try both Farming at Markets (Finding cheap items, Buying cheap items) not good at marketing ?? try to craft Some magical Flame / HQs if you tired of Farming at Nera Harbor :) .. Take it easy when farming :) .. no need to push yourself to the limit hahaha.. 5. It is LEGAL ... as long as you're not abusing any bugs within each character you spawn :) ...
  6. The thing about equipment is really depends on your budget also, because i tried every single class and im using a standards equipment, they all have their own plus and minus, and speaking about expensive or not.. it also depends on your build :) .. Good choice for Cardinal :) .. Cardinal is really flexible for wars and also got pretty decent stun lock skills :) .. also for the equipment is pretty easy too :) ..
  7. Participants : LittleLegolaz (Male) KnightHero (Male) Theme : True Love never look at the Genders.... #PrayforGay 1st Photo : http://s1380.photobucket.com/user/woshiditz/media/Luna_01_150207_123744_001_zpsmfsk8ucu.jpg.html (Iron Mine 2F) 2nd Photo : http://s1380.photobucket.com/user/woshiditz/media/Luna_01_150207_124240_001_zpsrxvll1t0.jpg.html (Iron Mine 2F)
  8. okay.. tommorow we will fix it.. :) sorry didnt read the last format...
  9. Contestant.. : - LittleLegolaz (Male) - KnightHero (Male) Photo taken @7 February 2015.. @16.37 PM Australian Time Theme : Forbidden Love.. "Love isn't about Genders... Its about how strong your love is.. how strong our bond is.. :) .. we're free to do whatever we want.. because the world is ours to conquer" #prayforgay 1st Photo : https://imageshack.com/i/ipMFAbf5j (@Haunted Mine 2F, Channel 3) 2nd Photo : https://imageshack.com/i/idkHtMo7j (@The Valley of Vairy, Channel 3) 3rd Photo : https://imageshack.com/i/ipXxaSgWj (@Distorted Crevice, Channel 10)
  10. Hmmm... as far as i know.. Destroyers items is STR mixed with AGI since they need Both Phy. atk and Critical Damage.. at least need to reach 1,2k Critical... most of the Destoyer can win any PVP with their skill called Fearful Blow.. (no miss skill same like Rune Impact)... and for war.. destroyer is nice :) ... i like destroyer too
  11. yes you can... and it really depends on your path and also your type.. is it Knight / Phalanx ? is it 1h or 2h ?? both of them will survive.. and you do you mean by survive... is it war? or leveling? 1h Type using STR equipment is "okayish" ... since STR philoed equipment its a bit "unbalanced" for the 1handed type.. :) .. you should go to 2 Handed Axe type.. because 2 Handed axe using a full throttle of Damage instead of tanking :) it will suited your equipment :)
  12. we will got a Grand Update ?!!!
  13. but the Turtle Mail its a Cape right??? if its head i think alot of people have it.. but since its a cape.. even i never see it @,@... better spawn sera lol...
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