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  1. well i know that works too :D i just dont do it since 5mins is a pretty short time if you can just wait it out :D
  2. oh sorry about that XD and good luck about that UI features* you were working on :D
  3. as i said in the first, i didnt knew if it was already suggested or denied, and yes i know its not impossible but i know it will take a long time since you mentioned here that CL needs a new UI design if this was to be implemented, but still im hoping for it so future players wont rage if they accidentally sold some items to the NPCs
  4. (I dont know if this feature is already accepted or denied so no h8)Yes you read the title right, im suggesting you guys can put up a Buy back option at NPCs, why? some Players just sold their own equipments without even knowing, so if they lost some item they can check the NPCs and simply look for it in the Buy Back Option Window, yes i know that we should be careful more about selling items but if this option can be implemented, that would be better :D (PS : when i was a newbie here i accidentally sold a 22 STR philoed Kynee, and that time it worth so much to me since its my only equipment) so peace guys :D
  5. even if you are strong enough to kill a 140+ then how are you supposed to take on a bunch of characters? its not like you are imba enough to kill a whole bunch of players in one swoop
  6. #1 Rule is so true :/ i cant stand those guys who randomly hit you then if you hit back everybody in the pvp map tries to kill you too :,<
  7. Heralcion


    ooookkkaay i should get used to this DST for now, Thanks again Orange :*
  8. Heralcion


    i know that the server has different timezone and here but this just happened to me right now, usually the DD time resets here at 12 but this occured, but anyway thanks for the help Orange i love you :*
  9. Heralcion


    yeah we have different timezone Yeah Orange its different but the usual time for me must be the same like the server time is 12 in the morning at november 3 while here its 12 in the afternoon and november 3..
  10. Heralcion


    i live in Philippines but this is so unusual, is it me or the server time is wrong? its still november 2 and 11 in evening while in my country its november 3 and 12 in the afternoon, the actual time must be the same right? like it must be november 3 and 12 in the morning and in my country it must be 12 in the afternoon..
  11. Editing and item shops makes the CL alive.. so if you were going to remove that how can Brandon maintain the server??
  12. maybe the size of the image you uploaded is not accepted? i had this problem once :D
  13. the GMs can handle that if its user ID.. but if its the password,well may the gods bless you
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