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  1. Read this for report: http://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/29045-help-about-report/ And this for upload image to forum: http://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/29062-how-to-tutorials-upload-an-image-into-the-forums/
  2. TohIsm

    Pet Problem at DD

    @Orange: Oh i see.. Thanks for answering my question. :)
  3. TohIsm

    Pet Problem at DD

    @Orange: Im sorry if i post it here, but i wanna ask something.. When im farming at NH with my pet, and im try to set my pet to AI Type: "Hold" but after 1-2min i always get dc, login again and do the same thing before, voila... i got dc, again -_- what happen? we can't set our pet to "hold" mode? is that bug pet or something?
  4. TohIsm

    Need Help!

    Some guide for fishing: http://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/24936-guide-fishing/& http://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/19914-guide-gold-carp-shining-garbage-and-terrapin/ If u tired clicking CTRL, just let it go~ u still got fish point even u not hit the CTRL. Here some prices: Gold Carp = 40-50m Terrapin = 50-60m Shining Garbage = 1.2b Moving Speed 20% Pot 7D = 50-70m Forbidden Ancient Scroll = 100m 10% EXP Scroll = 40-50m VIP Eye 30day = 150-160m
  5. Is server down? the login page is missing.. my connection is fine. -_-
  6. 2. Use L. Armor & Shoes +12/+13 with total vit 75+ each, Kynee +12/+13 [p]vit 23+ and V. Set with total vit 45+ (Gloves +12/+13), Aias +12 or +13, Glory of Diren [p]vit 15, 2pcs hathor [p]vit 22+ & 2pcs flick [p]vit 14+ (or Hegemonic [p]vit 23+), DS Armor ms 40+, Cloak vit 15+ [Hellen or L. Cape it's up to you] Costume: VIP Hat & VIP Eye, Healthy Worm, any 15% costume, Shini Gloves, Panda Boots, and Hibiscus (if u want more vit).
  7. Buy Aquamarine on NPC Tasartia at Alker Harbor, destruct it and u'll get Aquamarine Piece, then construct it, and tadaa~
  8. Im proud as a farmer & material maker B) here, take my +1 :wub:
  9. Ya, untuk screenshot bisa pencet F12. Khusus laporan KS "Time" dan "Kill Count"-nya gak boleh di sembunyiin, dan warning-nya minimal "stop ks pls", "do not ks sir"... jangan cuma "ks" doang.
  10. Mungkin koneksinya kk, koneksi kenceng pun kalo gak stabil bakal gagal buat ngepatch. coba ganti dlu pake provider lain (kalo kk pake modem usb), kalo pake speedy/fastnet/firstmedia coba reset modemnya, lalu konek kan ulang. saya waktu itu begini juga, solusinya kecepatan inet PC saya turunin biar stabil.. total patch CL sekitar 20MB, jd pake 100-50KBps pun gak lama.
  11. idk, it definitely depends on ur luck that day.. Like i say, if u're lucky, maybe from 1pcs LB4th u'll get hege. it's just like doing philoing, no trick... just depends on our lucky. Nah, there's many way to gain 100b if u a hardworker, and free user :D
  12. well, agree with this... Or try to buy LB4th if u have gold to spend, if u're lucky u'll get hegemonic/mirror p.a/gemini/or any expensive stuff from the box. 1pcs LB4th = 160-170m, 2 hour farm in NH u'll get 1b at least (entrap only).. Well, u can buy few LB4th after farm, and try ur luck~ Imagine u spend 1b for LB4th, and u get hege from that box, then u sell it for 6b. Hahaha~
  13. Yup, dats Legal... I have RM with 15 kill counts, i never use something like PK Lvling.. Just DD from lvl 25 to 105 with 100% 10% Exp. Let ur support follow ur main hitter, hunting, DDing, farming... So, take it easy~ :3
  14. same thing happen to me, my connection is normal but i can't even login to CL :(
  15. Ah, finally... and for 1 gold, i think there a trick behind that.. i never try it before, too scared maybe -_- But, now i know B) Thanks Eon :D
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