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  1. YOLO! :D cant wait to meet you in game
  2. so 1 tarintus and kierra per channel or 1 of each at 1 server?
  3. well as the title say...When does Tarintus Spawn? at what time?
  4. ZepherTaTa

    Sb Skill?

    hey is sonic boom bug?? cause for what i know lvl 25 sonic boom has 493 damage but my SB(Lvl 25) has only 344? and this: lvl 20 SB=344 lvl 25 SB=493 thats for what i know and is it bug?
  5. soo ill be asking about multi-vote? since i cant find the right answers on different topics....ill make a new topic :D Yes i know multi voting is bad but....for example i have 2 accounts and each of it has 120 lvl char?yes its multi-voting but is it considered legal or illegal? and also in this Pserver is voting system here 1IP=1 Vote or 1ID=1 Vote? Ok dont think of me as rule breaker im just making sure..... its better to be sure than to regret in the end ^_^
  6. ZepherTaTa


    wow yeh...its wrong oh right haha
  7. ZepherTaTa

    Now Playing???

    All time Low Dirty Work Album/Nothing Personal Album :)
  8. Thursday, October 30th 1. John 2. Nog
  9. Wednesday, October 29th 1. Nog
  10. Tuesday, October 28th 1. John 2. Lau 3. Zep
  11. Monday, October 27th 1. John 2. Zep
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