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  1. oh i'm sorry about that,when i create it,the page says there's no limitation for picture so i thought it's ok for me and thank you for kind welcome,i hope this will be an enjoyable experience
  2. First of all,good morning / day / afternoon / night to everyone seeing as i'm new here,it would be rude of me if i'm not sending my greetings i'm Myrelle, that's my in-game name nice to meet you i think i want to try playing online game to get a break from my everyday life so i search around the net for a while by some chance,my friend told me to check luna online because they say it fits my taste i check on the net about luna but they say it's not official server ( i don't understand what that means first since i never play online game before ) when i asked to my friend she said i should check private server,then i began to surf again i check on the website for review about current existing private server ( after i google about what " private server " means and also after i yell at my friend because she gave me incomplete info ) and i found out about this server so i decide to give it a try i don't really understand about game in the first place,and for the last two weeks i have to go on duty so i apologize for my late introduction anyway, once again,nice to meet you and hope you have a wonderful day ahead of you Sincerely, Myrelle
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