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  1. Kou


    B>Ace Of Hearts Set B>Aori Pet IGN: zKou
  2. Kou

    Someone play Osu

    hey someone have play osu? i need some friend for play with me :(
  3. ][_, {[]} ][_, hahahah :ph34r: i back now but just can play around 1 month :wacko:
  4. yea i'll back in my next holiday maybe just a week more :rolleyes:
  5. Hi all maybe i to late for introduction. ;) My Name is Nicky From Indonesia i so like play CL but now i go to retired Thx For my Best Friend LeGendOfNick and TRMNTR/Obellisk and thx for Staff celes For many Cool Event Thx For every think :D maybe i can back in my next holiday :wub: Anyway Congrats for my "Haters you win make me retired" Sorry if my english so bad :ph34r:
  6. Mungkin itu Masalah Koneksi. Aku buka web biasa" aja :D
  7. Kou

    Happy B'day Antonius

    Happy Birthday Antoni :41: GBU ^_^
  8. bener tuh rata" orang indo nyari barang yang harganya murah banget , ntar di jual lagi mahal banget itu mah udah kebiasaan aku juga suka di tawar sadis kaya gitu.
  9. Server keep down T^T i hope GM can fast fixed it
  10. Kou

    Pa Help Po

    marahil dahil lvl masyadong malayo o siya ay gumagamit ng "EDIT" maaari ring dahil menggunaka siya full buff [Google Translate]
  11. 2. 1,5k crit just 99% 9. 20 str = 1 strike not 10 str :)
  12. Welcome to Celestia Luna :smile_con: i hope you can enjoy the game :idea_con:
  13. that is conection trouble you need better conection in modem for playing. maybe you wifi is more better than modem :)
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