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  1. zitrous

    Date Dungeon

    if you somehow didnt agree on DD with same total amount of exp. maybe just reducing it to 5 will do.. cause im feeling sad when the map is not really merrier .. when i try to ask friends/anyone .. they mostly DD then AFK.. one of the reason is too tired after DD.. how about just reducing it (eg. 5DD) so maybe we could have more players on lvling map.. id love to play with more people around.. playing alone is not really exciting ..
  2. zitrous

    Date Dungeon

    i still think 10 is too much.. XD.. cause all ive been doing is DD and get tired.. im pretty sure im not the only feel that way .. i think 5 DD would be better.. cause luna is not all about DDing only.. still have a lot of things to do...
  3. zitrous

    Date Dungeon

    edited.. hope other user will understand the point i agree with this since war lvl is limit ( lvl gap ) .. and i would need a new opponents since the same opponents would feel bored.. and i believe more open war can be held
  4. zitrous

    Date Dungeon

    one thing i know.. so much update pissed off .. but in the end.. we get along .. we get so much benefit in exchange.. just a matter of time.. im just trying to say higher exp on lower DD limit but the total exp is still the same.. not increasing it more than it should..
  5. zitrous

    Date Dungeon

    not giving higher exp rate but actually same amount on lower dd limit .. and btw.. my goal is to save time and let people to have more time on lvling map.. its not that dd giving hard time .. but repeated dd consume so much time and btw fact (doing repeating action can cause you to get tired easily). hope you understand my point tq this is what i mean vincard
  6. zitrous

    Date Dungeon

    what i mean is .. lower the dd limit (eg 2 DD but have same amount exp as 10 DD ..) yupp.. the biggest consequences tho.. if dc.. but let just take alook at the benefit since not all players having dc .. and i guess.. this suggestion might actually decrease the chance to dc.. since the limit is lower
  7. zitrous

    Date Dungeon

    want to suggest on DD.. how about increase DD exp on each DD at the same time lower the limit and the result giving same total exp... my main reason is to have more grinding member.. cause 10 DD consume a lot of time and doing repeated thing so much drive people to laziness .. therefore, by reducing DD limit and increasing the exp.. players can fasten up and avoid getting tired from DD .. and i believe the lvlling map will get merrier XD.. just a suggestion btw
  8. Opening song for hero boku wa academia ! XDXD
  9. from my perspective.. most of imbas are mages .. correct me if im wrong tq
  10. i build panzer now btw .. haha and look at that new musket +12 583 pa.. haha bye bye axe
  11. one of suggestion that i would root for
  12. that one is really annoying but its not really harmful.. i think we should look at the benefits since its more annoying to craft hq by dragging and clicking 1 by 1.. crafting mflame dragging 1 by 1.. selling nh item click click click.. so in my opinion .. we should have this "Enter" function... and this one .. 100% player mistake... careless .. so im not sure if this is the reason why "Enter" function cant be applied...
  13. its good.. if we can reach nh.. even with bad equips. slowly kill nh mob 1 by 1 hlp getting gold for eq.. what important is just lvl. for farming nh only btw
  14. gonna come soon.. no worry :3
  15. well better gain gold from kill nh moster 1 by 1 since crafting mflame takes time.. hq too .. and about booster.. tried to find a guild..
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