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  1. When you finally finish another hard origami :ph34r: + You eat dinner on a japanese restaurant after a month without japanese food :D
  2. When you switch PC's and figure out your new one doesn't seem to allow you to play CL Q.Q
  3. Yes... Took me like 6 hours @[email protected] But I'm glad it's finished :D
  4. My favorite origami :3 Also one that made me have the hardest time of my life, rofl
  5. Uhm... I've seen char reports about pk bugs, but I haven't touched PK mode yet, what is wrong with it that there is a specific report type for PK leveling?
  6. Oh, don't worry, if world war 3 doesn't break out this year it's because we agreed I was right. If it DOES break out... I blame black holes.
  7. Old mcdonald had a farm.... I LIKE TRAINS ._.
  8. OrigamiOrigaming

    Now Playing???

    Recently found them, but already love it :P
  9. I KNOW RIGHT Q_Q Here in Brazil, the legal age for being an adult is 18 (including for driving, drinking and getting arrested, rofl) and I HAVE spoke to her one hundred million times. I mean, really, I know she normally wants the best for me like all parents say they do, but this is a decision I WANT to take. If I make mistakes, good, and if I get it right, also just as good. I have plenty of examples around my family AND herself who managed to live a great life without ever having a badass university on their backs. In fact, only my friends have these multi-millionaire-billionaire results from their parents and such, but they're all REALLY stressed people, I don't want that Q.Q Aaaaanyhow. I love my mother, but I can't stand her way of saying "I am your mother, I know some things that you don't, why not just follow some advice?" then I'm like sure thing, but not THIS advice ._. Result: She rages, complains and says I'm not studying enough (although she knows I worked my whole study life last year for the enrollment test [is this what's it called in English??? Not sure about the translation, haha] and my grades were basically an A, just not an A+) I shall never understand two things in life: My mother and black holes. My mother for obvious reasons and black holes because they convert matter to energy, but if you try to build a power plant out of them it will be converted into energy, but you won't be able to use it Q.Q Well, I'm sort of glad I could get this off my chest, guys, really xD but now I'm fine about it. Btw, rants include this sort of stuff, right O-o? Or were them supposed to be ingame trouble only?
  10. Money ain't the thing, here in my country, the best universities are free, but require good grades. And in fact, she effectively wants me to go to an expensive university (an exception, I know it is a really good place) but I can't seem to accept that she wants to pay it AND that she doesn't want me to even have a voice on the decision. Geez.
  11. (Slightly off-topic, but relevant nevertheless ^.^) For those who are wondering why did I change my name. I felt like doing something different, I mean... I had that username several years ago, sure.... But I think I'm not the same, so yeah ^.^
  12. OrigamiOrigaming

    Angry Mom.

    Gosh, I'm supposed to get into university this year, okay. But REALLY MOM. It's simpky beyond me how can you be so annoying... She wants me to do whatever the hell she thinks is right, and now I can't even choose my *****ng university, god dammit. So what if you think it's bad, I'm the student, I know what the hell I want, I know what place suits me better. She's even using my computer as opposed to hers to try and get me into where she wants, all because my email is already open here. Well, I don't give a single duck about it. No chickens, no birds, no seagulls given. Not a single flying bird given.
  13. Oh.... There is only food in my mind right now ._.

  14. It's fine, I'm retiring this character for some time, gotta get a better internet somewhere, hehe... But as soon as I back with my Inq, I'll hop into the guides section :)
  15. Good! At least it is eccentric, and not out of the question :p I'm just one of those players who believe that immersion helps ^.^
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