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  1. ehm... ^^ kangen luna, download cl setup baru ^^
  2. apa ada event double topup pp dlm rangka earth day? di page donate msh normal, cm takutnya sama kek natal kmrn, event dah jalan, blm brubah di pagenya. ^^ thanks before utk infonya guys ^^
  3. but: -don't hv much time (busy in real life) -so lazy to farming NH to get gold and buy some gift as event rewards -sleepy everytime log in and see the basecamp tree -no double PP at the moment -and........ also......... you can name it here :p hihihihihihi "v
  4. :p just for april fools event ^^ don't rush it for real :p hihihihi.. peace "v
  5. for april fools?.. i am,.. but for real, guildmaster Mr. Dudi you are and also hope that the event will be held soon :p.. pink one for me, okay? ^^
  6. is it true that tonight will be held an event from guildmaster, free butterfly wing (can request colour)?... is it true?.. hm, i guess its just april fools :p **Run**
  7. soon is what i can tell now. lol i'll PM you when ready (lvl 20 char :p)
  8. ^^ mgkn memank harusnya bgitu ^^ nice idea ^^ stlh party, biar dia yg kill semua monsternya, do as they wanted to.. aq exp ama dropnya asal ke-share, bakal duduk manis :p
  9. thanks infonya Mr. Lueee.. mdh2an gk ktemu tukang ks lg ^^ skrg kl hunt, trus ada org, lgs pindah channel hihii ^^
  10. Mr. Dudi, can you tag the link of crusader build (uptodate version) here? thanks before ^^
  11. where's everyone?.. think that its starts here too,.. sleep time :p
  12. our basecamp is at Alker Harbor channel 1, near celerian (npc) ^^
  13. finally we have a thread. new spot to sleep. ^^ @Tuan, feel free to whisp Troyard in game for sleepingknights and other person for union guilds like it shown above.. ^^
  14. :) gpp volare, udh lama jg n kmrn itu pas isenk ksana jg dia diem aja. Jadinya dimaafkan saja. :) sy jg dah gk ke makas smntara ini. :) Udh nemu 2 buat dipake, :).. Dimaafin aja, supaya mulai taon baru ntar dgn jiwa n sikap yg baru, smakin baik. :)
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