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  1. S> +14 v.neck [p] 29 vit S> +13 v.glove [p] 27 vit mix 10 wis S> +13 v.neck [p] 26 vit S> +13 v.glove [p] 26 vit S> +12 hb.glove [p] 20 str [r] 31 str S> +12 hb.glove [p] 21 str mix 11 dex [r] 35 str S> +11 hb.glove [p] 18 eva [r] 35 str S> +12 hb.glove [p] 18 strike mix 22 crit [r] 34 str S> +7 hb.neck [p] 19.4 pa S> +7 hb.neck [p] 20 str mix 10 dex mix 7 vit S> +13 cb.glove [p] 20 str mix 9 vit [r] 35 str S> +7 cb.glove [p] 18 str mix 12 vit Message me here or note BoYoung, BO
  2. yea..its still happen...my pet sealed when I leveling and the game suddenly stop working and close. At first, I thought that because of my connection but it is continuously happened when the pet sealed. Then I tried leveling without using pet and I can level without the game stop working and closed.
  3. hii..yes malaysian players still active..you can come to Alker Harbor 9..our base there
  4. As there are a new map Sahel, may I know the list of item drop at there? Like rare item and etc.
  5. Why i cannot update the patch..i tried change the ISP too. But still failed
  6. New Fashion School Angel :heart::shyheart:


  7. ooo..iDiablo rupenya..dak2 alker 9 jarang bace forum...haha
  8. I'm not open to many people. I'm usually quiet and I don't really like attention. So if I like you enough to show you the real me, you must be very special



  9. IGN and Lvl : Datin - 122 JOB : Cardinal Highest Great Heal : 6268
  10. IGN and Lvl : Datin - 121 JOB : Cardinal Highest Great Heal : 6151
  11. dgn stat full vit pun boleh dpt 15k m.a and 5k pdef..dah boleh lvl di grave. Tu pun pakai item full int and m.a. Tp kalu nk fokus pd m.a elok lvl dgn tanker ;) p/s: pdef 4k sakit lvl kt grave :D :D
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