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  1. fun fact is i found this post only 2 years later(if not 3)
  2. welcome back) <3 i am BACK TOO.. almost..
  3. are you alive or anything bro>>? i've been sending u messages on all accounts but u are long gone

    1. Leblancorafk16


      after a year or so i'll ask again-are you alive?

  4. i'd like to join do u have a space? ))
  5. heloooooooou friends, does your guild still exist? mind if i join? but that's so sad that ppls that played this game like 2 years ago are all gone (((((
  6. ahm it kinda seems your account got hacked or smth ? idk for sure ask ORANGE
  7. good JK :D:D:D:D: no srsly really helpful
  8. where can i get belt of wisdom? in the lucky box? :( :( :( :angry:
  9. nice guide ))) i like it ;) ^_^ ^_^ :) :) B) B)
  10. I am a friendly person, i love my friends but i hate fake ones

    1. Leblancorafk16


      come to think of it  why did i even write this?



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