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  1. Eva strike? Irap na kasi sa set ngayun e. Ano mas ok v.set or chival?
  2. No forgotten password in this game
  3. Ano magandang build sa rogue pang pvp. EVa strike o vit strike?
  4. Ty i see that item. Q. Which better? V.set or chival
  5. How to make hathor or flick to 17-18 p.a?
  6. Maybe its not a illegal
  7. If you see ah PK change your channel or map. Because the PK player cant change map and channel in 20 minutes
  8. meron pa Uninstall mo muna tapos install ulit. Bago mo i run luna mo off mo muna antivirus mo
  9. Kanankeeee

    Item pricing

    Ty for reply, I allready purchaced in 6b. Chivalry p.a 15-10B, DS WEAPON AND CHIVALRY imba items
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