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  1. hi po :) IGN:Dragking destro 115 & BTHoney BT 112 :)
  2. it's effective, it's no longer patching.. thank you for the help ^_^
  3. it does apply ma'am, but the next time i open the patcher it really downloads all over again. :(
  4. Hi. i just want to ask for help.. every time i run the game it always goes on patching due to the new patched. how can i fix it ? thanks
  5. may filipino guild pa ba n active ? :)
  6. then how did it happened that my account got banned.? Orange is right and therefore reporting can help all players to play the game right and fair, specially for newbies.. I've read many of your post and almost most of them is all about complaining.. you don't know how hard they work for this game.. I am also have a problem to Orange about the process on how they ban accounts. but instead of arguing with her, i am asking for the right evidence.. so please stop your nonsense post in this forum.. your'e just making it dirty.. you really are appearing guilty
  7. sir just like mine. :( my main account got banned because of another accounts offense.. i am playing on a internet cafe.. many people here play the game.. but in each pc its IP doesnt change it always as it is.. because of others fault i got banned..
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