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  1. And also a lot harder for us to vote in the same sense. Only powerful players now are allowed to vote. They already are high level and also have an unfair advantage. Didn't you just tip the scales more into their favor? If you want to prevent multi votes then make ip blockers along with the already account vote limiter, then only one account per ip can vote and multi voting is reduced drastically.
  2. Why does the voting system require an account to have atleast a lvl 120 character? Why can't I have just a level 90 character and vote?
  3. I noticed a lot of people are broadcasting things that, personally, I deem nonsensical and should not be in the broadcast box; i.e talking in the broadcast box when you can just use the talk option in the chat. Does the GMs/Admins have any rule about inappropriate use of the broadcast box?
  4. I was asking if it also randomly spawns time-based. If not, then a certain time is given but random channel. Get it?
  5. I wanna suggest a Spyfall game as an event. What is Spyfall? Check out this video of Ryan Higa playing Spyfall with his friends: Rules and Mechanics(for the event not the real game): 1. Players will form a party of 4 people and the leader will be the representative. 2. Admin will take note of the party leader names and draw a lucky leader for the first round. 3. Admin will join the selected party two facilitate the event. 4. Admin will randomly pick a location from a list and give out occupations to all players, but one will be the SPY. 5. The SPY is not given the info of location, his job is to discover the location before he gets discovered. 6. A player will start asking questions to determine which is the SPY, they cannot answer with a lie, they cannot ask if someone is a spy or not, and they must be careful with their questions and answers to not give off the location to the spy. 7. If the SPY guesses the location and is not discovered, he alone wins. (To prevent players from computer shops exploiting each others identities, and everyone winning.) 8. If the SPY is caught, then others are given a smaller prize, money maybe? 9. Anyone may, at anytime, call a vote to determine the SPY. (the SPY may also vote, to not give himself away, if the spy is not caught in the vote he automatically wins) 10. A timer, about 5-10min will be set. If the time is up, a vote will automatically be called. It's complicated to facilitate and make sure no one cheats here. But I'm sure the Admins can think of a way for cheating to be reduced ^_^ Like making a quiz game, or HnS game to determine the 4 players.
  6. But it doesn't give stat bonuses like one I mentioned. I sweeped all ten channels, no drops. Just exp and gold, so I don't recommend this place for equipment hunting. There are no good enough items for Rogues that is worth mentioning there. So the weapon list should suffice for weapon hunting. I only mention those worth keeping.
  7. I made this guide for fellow newbies like me ^_^ This talks about equipments for Rogues from Level 1-105 Here is a drop list for all the monsters in CL : Level 1-20 Just wear your apprentice armor or buy temp armor at alker harbor. Hunt all the bosses in Alker Gate till you get nice enough equipments. I recommend sweeping all the channels till you get what you want or need. For shields, hunt the turtle boss in Alker Gate Level 21-45 Wear Alacritous Hunter Set. Can be found in Ruins of Draconian monsters. +7 if you have money. None of the boss in Tarintus drop anything so don't bother searching. Weapon: Elephant's Hunting Knife from Leopard boss in Ruins if Draconian. Change to Crocodile's Kukri when you get to kill the Goblin Boss Kluerhorn in Zakandia Outpost. If you are to use bow just hunt Elephant's Long Bow from the same boss. Shield: Turtle mail shield +7 Level 46-80 Wear Sharp Wind's Leather Set/Wind Curtain's Leather Set. Parts can be found from several monsters. Use the drop list to know which monsters to hunt. Slaughterer's Tenacity Set for 70+ players. This is replaceable with other sets of your preference. Weapon: Just look for daggers that fit your level with boss hunts. Until you get to The Way to Howling Ravine and hunt the Deadly Poisoned Wedge. For Archers, hunt Kiyoma's Feathered Horn Bow in Red Orc Outpost harpy boss. Shield: Find the Skeleton Knight's Strong Shield Level 81-105 Buy or craft Transcendent Set. If you decide to buy, acquire 200m to 250m and look for clean set in CH3 Nera Castle or Megaphone your intent to purchase. Buy Gardener Set at lvl 105, this will be your final set. Full set costs around 6-8b clean. Weapon: Buy a Take That, Dude! dagger Level 83. Don't know how much it costs. For your final weapon, buy an Advanced Knife this costs around 200m clean. Shield: Skeleton Knight's Strong Shield should still be enough, if you want to buy a new shield go ahead. Aias' Shield is lvl 104, this will be final shield. And that's it ^_^ if anyone has anything they think I missed, you can comment in down below.
  8. Ohh okay. So Fairy Queen and other higher level bosses are not yet added? Thank you ^_^ Btw, does Kierra also spawn at random hours?
  9. Why does Celestia Luna not spawning high level bosses? Like Kierra or Fairy Queen.
  10. andito din pla acejay
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