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  1. Yes, bishop has heals and buffs, but cardi has the best of them. I dont compare Mag atk with Phy atk, but, cardinal with other mages job. Since cardinal is not a damager, but it has a bigger damage skill compare to other mages job. The point is, cardinal is too over power because it has the best buffs and heals, the best damage skill, also has good DoT skill.
  2. Beside has all the heals and all the buffs, cardinal has skill that dealt a big damage, like Turn Undead with 1653 damage (compare with SA's Holy Justice, it's only 1082 damage. Compare with Grand Master's Greater Thunder, it's only 1605 damage with 9.3sec?), also Shield of Justice that with high damage, it's 642 damage with stun effect, area, and 15m range. That makes cardinal too over power.
  3. If we talk about improving Phy Def and HP gain from VIT, then they should Improve Magical Attack too. because the gap between Phy attack and Mag Attack is too big. About the DoT, I think it's not fair for classes who depend on DoT skills, like entrapper or cardinal or necromancer fully VIT type. Compare with other classes, they should choose between def or atk, but not for DoT-ers. That's why, DoT skills damage is better depend on their stats like STR or INT.
  4. If INT affect Magic Ddef and WIS affect Magic Attack even it's not as much as WIS/INT does, then VIT should affect Phy Attack and Str should affect Phy Deff aswell. I think it makes more complicated, and I dont see that usefull, so I don't agree with this. I agree if WIS affect the Healing amount and Magical Critical Rate, because, yes Magic Critical Rate can't be boost by reinforcement. And, it would be good if WIS also affect the Magic Cast Speed
  5. hi bro, i got 2 cb neck

    [p]Str22 Vit10 = 12b

    [p]Str29.8 = 15b

  6. IRC Name: ct Most used character name: cheThe2 Spoken Languages: English Age: 24 Time playing Luna Online: 7 years Time playing Celestia Luna: 5 years Have you been a beta tester before? (do not include server names) No. Why do you want to join the Beta Testing Team? With my experience playing Luna Online, I want to participate to improve Celestia Luna. There are many features of Luna Online that are not avalaible in Celestia Luna, with this improvement, it will make Celestia Luna better. I love this game, and I'm very happy if many people playing this game too. With this new features, I'm sure it will bring more player to Celestia Luna. I wish that i can join the Beta Testing Team.
  7. IGN : xBellee Level : 150 Job : Cardinal Highest HP : 46946 IGN : BurnLight Level : 134 Job : Paladin Highest HP : 72030 IGN : Hoodlum Level : 141 Job : Temper Master Highest Crit : 3024 IGN : cheThe2 Level : 150 Job : Paladin Highest P.Deff : 44929 IGN : BurnLight Level : 134 Job : Paladin Highest M.Deff : 12578
  8. IGN : cheThe2 Fashion fades, only style remains
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