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  1. MFW someones deals an offer, and right where we meet the deal cancels and you wish you can just do it through the internet... MFW when I want to taunt/scare someone too bothersome.. MFW someone obviously fell for a troll answer on a pretty common question MFW when someone threatens to report me for KS without proof lol MFW when you see a item on vend so awesome, you can just... MFW you realize your happiness with the game is fleeting because you still have LOTS of problems to deal with.. MFW when people shout double-meaning phrases
  2. all these juicy memes, imma spam myself with them later
  3. It does relate to the pet's Happiness, when it hits zero, the pet seals itself, when you re-summon it, its Happiness goes to 30, meaning its Neglected. You should pay more attention to your pets you know
  4. seems it looks like the game client's exe file is the problem, was expecting DirectX or Visual C++ dll errors. Well, just follow what @Orangesaid, and it should work. If not, then your PC has the problems.
  5. Can you let me see what's causing the problem? you can do that by pressing the button for "View problem details"
  6. iLoonie


    but, but... earning GP from scratch would be hard if only a few guild members are active (as far as i know, leveling guild members and killing enemy guild members earn GP). Maybe a time limit or a specified limit of GP is decided beforehand?
  7. i thought it was magical attack, oh well, guess Skill Calculator's wrong lol anyway thanks for clarifying that
  8. Very comprehensive guide, as expected from you Jonah Although I have a question, why Cross Slash instead of Double Strike?
  9. anticipation for that guide, i'll base it on my own SMs (elf and human)
  10. all of this make sense, especially the note, and totally valid for all types of wars (FREE, FUN, or RULED).
  11. oh, you saw it as a debate, sorry about that. I was just pointing out things that you might have missed.
  12. Weapon-related skills are fixed, meaning Shield-based skills will only work equipping SHIELDS. If you want your Blunt Shield to be useful again, equip a shield instead of a second sword. Sword-based skills count in this as well. On the bright side, One-hand skills can be used when Dual-wielding, that means you ca use Double Strike (the one with poison) while dual-wielding
  13. I'm not sure about Crusaders being decent tankers, unless you took Phalanx on level 75, and if you meant good damage, I'm assuming a mix of magical and physical Paladins can have decent damage depending on their path. Human paladins naturally have high damage due to their job path (swordsman>GLAD or merc>KNIGHT) And why only be a supporting Magnus when you can be a TRUE TANK? in fact, you'll have the highest p.def on the long run compared to the paladin, BUT, you'll be second against's Paladin's block rate.
  14. Welcome fellow Celestian! Yep, we have a sizable population here, so you won't be alienated being alone, lol. And yes, you can easily catch up, the question for you is that are you patient and hardworking enough to farm?
  15. Well, at least we should reach the quota of 100 votes But yeah, majority approves of the changes, so might as well implement it
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