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  1. I've been having a good time playing the game. Thanks for your greetings Maam Orange.
  2. Thanks, your the best orange! Keep up the good work.
  3. Hello everyone Im uncertain about the re-stat. What if u dlvl and re-stat, will u get the same stat before or it will decrease due to the fact ur lvl went down? I would be glad if someone can give me a definite answer... Tnx guys...
  4. Hello celestians... im so happy to see all of you again... I'm glad to be back again hahaha...
  5. IGN: Ghondex
  6. I was looking for papyrus page 4 and someone whisper me its not in-game anymore, it that true?
  7. well i guess they will have to fix it then, it's kinda confusing if you don't now about it.
  8. I was so confuse of what is going on, my internet in browsing if very fast, likewise to other games, but Celestia Luna Online is super slow. Why is that?
  9. what is the max lvl of berserker in destro and the evasion of the max lvl?
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