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  1. If you're talking about AOE skills, you only need earthquake, sword storm and wheel wind. I have taken the same path. However, if you have already chosen gladiator, then you have done a huge mistake, pal. You get little to none defense. For a very fun gameplay starting from 105, you really need to take Panzer. Here's a guide to assist you in tanking and putting your AOE skills to use. http://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/18779-fighter-panzer-guide-extensive/
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    I say evasion. My brother is an elf entrapper and evasion is a great asset to him.
  3. What skills from Panzer are AOE?
  4. I can't upgrade or philo it, as well as not having the crafting bonus. When it is finally fixed, do I get the crafting bonus right away or will I have to recraft it and so?
  5. I've just crafted the level 105 and 110 muskets. Why don't they give me the crafting bonus?
  6. I found out how to get Fairy Abrasives. However, the screenshots aren't loading in the link you've placed, Mind typing it, please? EDIT: To anyone that has been looking through this guide, destruct 90-105 weapons from Nera. They'll give it,
  7. 'Fairy Abrasives'? 'Flame Bow'? 'Chaos Bow'? I'd need more explanation where to get those, please.
  8. I would like to thank everyone that has helped me until now with this. I had no idea which where to go or what to do. Back on topic: Any idea when is musket training getting fixed?
  9. Am I recommended to switch to musket when all bugs are fully configured or do I switch right away?
  10. I saw while I was looking for the firearm mold that I needed a 'Magic flame'? And when I successfully finish with the mold, is it a lot harder to successfully craft the musket?
  11. Can I get more information, please? I have no idea what is a mold and where to craft it and how toncraft it. Totally new to the construction system and I think I'll need a lot of help regarding this matter. A detailed guide is appreciated.
  12. Thanks for telling me. EDIT: How do I get a musket, though? I have no idea uptil now.
  13. Can I get a musket yet or is it still bugged? The skill icons that were bugged seem to be fixed. I was wondering if the musket is also fixed(As a weapon and class)
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