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  1. xClark

    Noob questions

    Critical damage? I think Wisdom gives mcrit not intelligence
  2. Path: ~ Wizard - Sorcerer - Inquirer - Cardinal Note: Inquirers are human only Path analysis: Wizard for passive (MA) Sorcerer for passive also and chilling breeze (MA) Inquirer for passives also and good concentration also their critful buffs and the witchcraft yays~ (vit and crit also MA coz you came from sorcerer) Cardinal for passives,heals, useful buffs, great DPS and good percentage stun (MA also and some MP and some crit and more more and more cast spd) Change job place: Wizard at Farouk Sorcerer at Farouk Inquirer at Dubachanta at Red orc Cardinal at Sage of Nera which is Cindamook Stats: you can go either Vitality or Int Skills: Mage Active skills: - Max Firebolt - Max Intelligence Passive skills: - Spell craft nonetheless (max) Wizard Active skills: - Max Firebolt - Max Intelligence - Max Wisdom Passive skills: - Spell craft (max) - Spell barrier (max) Sorcerer Active skills: - Max everything that has on wizard list - Max Blizzard - Max Fire Blast - Max Lightning stun - Bloodstream (optional coz you got lots of skills) Passive skills: - Just max what's on wizard list Inquirer Active skills: - Max wizardry - Max Twinkle - Max Concentration - Max Holy justice - Max armor link - Max intelligence - Max Fortunate magic - Max bless vital - Max bless mind - Remain what's on Sorcerer list (unless I said max in this list) - if still lacking of offensive skills, try to learn all the holy skills Passive skills: - Max what's on sorcerer list - Max light armor expertise - Max witchcraft (only for staves not mace like Athena) - If you still lack of MP, try with Enhance MP or Bloodstream RESET SKILLS TIME! Cardinal ~ Leveling list suitable for: Lv.105 - 149~ Active skills: - Fast heal (any level you want) - Max Intelligence - Max Bless vital - Max Bless mind - Max Fortunate magic - Max Twinkle Magic - Max concentration - Max Armor link - Max shrewd spell - Max shield - Max orpheus poem - Max Wisdom - Max Turn Undead - Max Holy Taker - Max Shield of Justice - Max Holy Justice - Max Divine Sword - Max wizardry Passive skills: - Max Witchcraft - Max spell craft - Max Spell barrier - Max Vital Control - Max Robe Expertise - Max Mana controll or bloodstream or enhanced mp Reskill again! now for Lv.150 skills Time for PVP/PVE skills Active skills: - Max all the buffs at Leveling list of Cardinal - Max might - Max Holy Taker - Max Holy justice - Max Turn Undead - Max Angelic Touch > angelic breath - Max Divine Hold or Cripple or Binding soul - Max chill breeze - Max Divine sword - Max Fast heal or party heal or great heal - Max Mana blast or Bloodstream - Max Holy Barrier - Max Bless heart - Max Mind barrier - Max Beholder Passive skills: - max spell craft - max witch craft - max enhanced mp and hp - max mana control - Max Lace - max vital control - Max Robe expertise PVP moves: - Angelic Breath > holy taker > shield of justice > turn undead > repeat if they dont want sleep go change the angelic breath to.. Chilling death if they dont want any and no silencing like ice or sleep, use divine hold/binding soul/cripple ~ Items will be put later ~ and more and more and more info are going to be put sooner or later
  3. still the hawtest thread ;o
  4. xClark

    Q : Magnus INT type

    RK = str based also Magnus have enhanced skills of this job Phalanx = like infatry, most of its attack are int base and more def passive so choose Phalanx, its obvious anyways <_<
  5. I thought its close atm or just the private one?
  6. Guild Levels The chart below will show you the different guild levels, what they give and how much they cost. Guild points are achieved by killing. *The Guild points are gained based on the number of monsters that members killed by the time of connecting them and the guild master. Remember, that only counted the people who will be 60 minutes +1 online. 1. If you are in a union, and your guild goes to war with another guild, your whole[union]will be against the enemy, not just your guild. The only safe map will be Alker Harbor, even the Farm Map is not safe. 2. To earn guild points, all you have to do is to kill mobs. But of course, the more members there are killing mobs and leveling, the faster and more guild points your guild will get. Guild Wars A guild war is a war between two guilds and their alliances, this means you can kill them anywhere and them you. All monster maps and the farm will be able to PK so watch your back! But to put a war you need to request it and the other guild MAY deny, but the same you can do when they request a surrender. You'll loose 4 guildpoints when dying in a guildwar, and you'll win 2 by killing someone. But there are no EXP looses. Guild Buffs Apprentice When it says that you can have recruit training it means apprentices, at like level 4 you can have 35 members in your guild and 15 apprentices. This means you can in total have 50 members in your guild - but 15 HAVE to be apprentices. What does that mean? They wear the guild emblem, they cannot invite others or change their own guild nickname. And we cannot promote them till their level 40. But none the less their apart of the guild and shouldn't mean anything less then a newcomer and a regular member. Why can't I join a guild? If you've been in another guild within 24 hours then you cannot join another. It's called a guild penalty which means you cannot jump guilds till 24 hours have passed. Level recruitment is set by the guild itself. Guild Window Guild Functions Kick member ~ expulsion of a member. Nick ~ nickname or title given to a member which will be shown on top of his/her character. Invite ~ invite a character to your guild. Withdraw ~ quit or leave the guild. Guild notice ~ a chairman or vice-chairman can input or edit notices, updates or news here which will be shown on the chat box in orange font color. Invite Union ~ invite another guild in a[union]but first you have to create one. Quit Un ~ quit an existing union. Name Un ~ create a[union]and its name. Guild Battle ~ declare a war to an enemy guild. Guild Info & Relationship References: http://luna-forum.gp...9f9a09c7ff7300b http://luna-forum.gp...php?f=36&t=2039 Give credits to them ^_^
  7. Guild Guide First how to form a guild? To form a Guild you have to go to Alker Harbor and visit the NPC Ellenshar. The requirements are that the founder should have to be at least level 10 and has 10,000 gold. Guild Emblem Requirements: - Guild has to be level 2 - Image has to be 16x16 - Image has to be .b m p not .j p g How to register your emblem? First add your made 16x16 image into the dedicated luna folder, do not put it in any subfolder but in the main luna folder. And then you talk to Ellenshar and choose register the guild mark and write in your image like: b1 or c1 from the screenshot above. For more information you can check Pandemonia's Logo Guide. The link is below. Pandemonia's Logo Guide
  8. ahmm its like this Put an item first then set its price.. after you set it. Edit it. Then drag another item then set its price and after you set it , Edit it again next drag another item then repeat XD
  9. I like your Siggy and welcome to Celestia luna XD
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