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  1. well gladyly I haven't got banned up until now, but I dont know... hahaha. I'm just curious.
  2. you can buy Dragon slayer I think its better
  3. Hi do you know how to get this stuff? I was told to get it by private donate? how can I private donate?
  4. hi how long does it take to get banned form KS ing?
  5. sabrinandrian

    ban time

    Hi I want to ask another question, how long does it usually take for someone to be banned with KS reason? I see some people get banned 100 hours for spot claiming, but KSing? how long will it take? thank you.
  6. sabrinandrian

    Banned ID

    hello, I want to ask question about banned ID. If someone to report me, can my Id be banned when I'm playing it? or it usually get banned when I don't play it, and when I want to play it, it cant be opened? ​because someone false report me, he accused me of something I didn't do (but he has pretty convincing screenshot, but didn't happen that way he's describing, but I'm afraid GM will take it seriously) thank you.
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