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  1. First of all if you want to boost your character through party-exp-sharing, the character you want to boost must not be 19 levels lower than the booster. For example if you want to boost lv 80, your booster must be at least lv 99. As for the best booster at the moment I think it's rogue-farmer class ( Entrapper / TM / BT ). And as for the build of each job, you can browse through the guide section, I'm sure there's a bunch of good guides there.
  2. Toasty

    Need Help

    I'm using the path before the patch about sword-only skills are fixed, haven't tried to make another one with the latest patch. Still can't decide which path is the best since it's not yet to be fix. Proly I'll try to make another one when the skills are fixed.
  3. The list is up, you can see it here http://celestialuna.com/journey-to-parasus/
  4. Toasty

    Need Help

    Well this is solely based on my experience, but well... For Panzer my build is Warrior-Swordsman-Gladiator-Panzer. And I haven't really try Sniper yet. Also Sniper base class is Rogue, so it's better to ask about it in the Rogue section.
  5. Toasty

    Costume Bug

    It is not a bug, the skeleton skull thingy is actually Tarintus Helmet. If you use Tarintus Helmet you got those skeleton skull on your head.
  6. There will be a guide about it as stated by Orange, it will be posted either on announcement/guide section.
  7. Also the leveling method is not limited to DD only, you can still hunt at Nera Harbor at that level. I DON'T mind the idea of it, but I think there's no need for it.
  8. The current exp rate on DD is already high, there's no need to increase the rate any higher I think.
  9. Welcome back, and make sure to check the patch notes as there's a lot of changes.
  10. You can read about it here.
  11. You'll get more eva and pdef as you reach level 105, as you'll get new/higher level eva/pdef buffs/passives. As for the items try to look for Gardeners set when you've already reach 105 or if you can't afford it you can substitute it with Transcended set ( lv 82 set ).
  12. Toasty

    The Basic Fighter

    Actually there's various path you could take if you're going to be SM, but the most popular one I think is either Warrior-Infantry-Gladiator-SM or Warrior-Swordsman-Gladiator-SM or maybe even Warrior-Mercenary-Knight-SM ( haven't try this one, so I don't know whether it's good or not ).
  13. Welcome back, make sure to check the patch notes as there's few changes in the game.
  14. Edit : Since Orange has answered all of your questions. Welcome back to the community. :)
  15. You can only use max. 5 accounts for fishing I think ( not sure ). As for your report you should post it in the "Character Report" section, and make sure to follow the report form.
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