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  1. Guide Magnus Two Hands

    Path: Warrior>Infantryman>Knight>Magnus
    Weapon: I strongly Suggest that you use 2hand Axe for higher crit damage and crit rate
    Basic Skill Combo: Rune Impact>Burning Crash>Sonic Boom>Earthquake

    Attack Skills:
    Rune Impact: max
    Burning Crash: max
    Sonic Boom: 21/25
    Earthquake: 19/25 (Never ever upgrade this more than level 19 because this skill will be bugged.)
    Sword Storm: 10/20
    Wheel Wind: 5/5
    Attract: 1/15
    Attract Circle: 10/15
    Rune Cry: 5/20

    Rampage Aura: max
    Shield Aura: max
    Accuracy Aura: max
    Protection Aura: 1/1
    Nature's Mind: 3/3
    Nature's Shield: max
    Blessing Guard: max
    Solid Weapon: 2/2
    Armor Synchro: 1/1
    Weapon Synchro1/1:
    Fighter's Heart: max
    Warrior Form: max
    Divine Justice: 1/1

    Two Handed Training: max
    Sword/Mace/Axe Training: max
    Sword Rapidity/Axe Mortality/Mace Protection: max
    Magic Barrier: max
    Enhance HP: max
    Risk Taker: max
    Troopership: max
    Heavy Weapon Accuracy: max
    Heavy Armor Expertise: max
    Blood Leak: max


  2. Hello

    I'm iMalmsteen

    Nice to meet you all <3

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