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  1. hmmm yeaa wakingknights with their sleepyheads
  2. omaigat sorry i cant be as active as before, so many thing to do hehe
  3. Dudi

    Bug Stealth

    Judging from the video, i think that wasn't a bug so I want to ask~ how is the stealth bug really work? is it cant be seen by beholder or what??
  4. Sorry slow respons Aww u r really really awsome, its really rare to meet some one like you ~ keep it up broo !!! feel free to meet my char at alker harbor 1 my ign is Troyard, u r really wellcome here!
  5. Thankyouuuuuuuu!! Done!! The title imgae (credit to timy)
  6. r u still playing? sorry late respon, i havent open the forum for a while :wacko:
  7. sureee come come i'll wait :lol:
  8. omg how can u know that!!! lol " sleepy everytime log in and see the basecamp tree" hmmm :ph34r: i think we can dicuss what kind of event that we can held
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