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  1. hi guys, i just visit luna again after a few months, and well, i read some big news on celestialuna website and then the forum about new update. well, im going to ask about some skill like : Rage Burst, Shield Boomerang, and so on. are those skills already fixed ? or something like, Rage Burst effect now available for every weapon type which are : Swords, Axes and Maces. maybe that's for starter information. since i cant get into the game very soon :'(
  2. is it worth lvling up rm more than 105 ? since i made full support one and i just need the buffs , btw nice guide !
  3. gonna give it a try soon.. i mean soon ! :lol: very interesting guide
  4. wicked as ever ! pow! :28:
  5. interesting, should give it a try! -_- :rolleyes:
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