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  1. makoy123

    Help me out

    IGN(Character name): RachelSiranui Acc name: megamagefix
  2. makoy123

    Help me out

    Why is it my Character Megamagefix still ain't respawning ? it shows blackhole .. its been a days for "Tomorrow"
  3. makoy123

    Help me out

    The character name and the account name is the same ..
  4. makoy123

    Help me out

    Sad to say that Megamagefix acc is given to me by someone previous years ago .. Idk that Megamagefix acc is banned but I have sold it gears to gold and I bought gears to my McMorrow acc like Grim set/bloodstained and more..
  5. makoy123

    Help me out

    why does my account still didn't respawning ? it's been 1+ day and hours already..
  6. makoy123

    Help me out

    Well..Thanks and i'll w8 for it
  7. makoy123

    Help me out

    Wtf , you mean my char will no longer exist ? I just want my char back cuz I want to give EQ to it and go to war
  8. makoy123

    Help me out

    Megamagefix and Howling Ravine map .. That account has no items since I transfer it all to my McMorrow char.. and Idk .. I just log in and BlackScreen... I hope you could help me out
  9. makoy123

    Help me out

    I could able to open my account but I cant respawn to my located place.
  10. Ohhhmm .. go in other cafe ? AHAHHAHA ... It's too far to reach it .. xD
  11. But can I get my prize ? I was doing my best for it , and I can't take it ? what a shame .. Give us a chance ..
  12. As I've said .. ImCute58 and Me are playing in the same cafe ... we're cousins -_- .. and it's not just because we're playing at the same computer and IP Address we're same person ... wew .. and as I've said .. there's just a few of pc's who has Celestia Luna Online game .. that's why sometimes we're just like as you think .. but we're really really not same person,.
  13. Hi guys ... I can explain everything about the problem .. and about the samp IP between me and ImCute .. We're just playing in the same Internet Shop and it's fully players every AM to PM .. and there's just a few PC's that has Celestia Luna Online game .. that's why you're suspected us as the same person .. but we aren't we're just playing at the same cafe .. ~Btw .. Orange ? can I see your proof that me and Imcute are the same person ? and if it's just because of the same IP and same PC used.... We're just playing at the same Internet Cafe .. and there's just a few PC's that has Celestia Luna Online game .. and that's why we're just same person as you can see ... but we aren't ... ~~Try to swap the situation .. If me is Orange .. and Orange is me .. how can you explain your explaination about the problem ? -------Help me about my problem please ... because still I didn't get my prize in Plushy Companion Backpack Giveaway! Event ... and some of those winner got there prizes .. but me and ImCute still didn't get it .. and we've suspected at we're just a same person because of our IP Address and PC unit used ... but try to read my explaination at the top .. and if you can help me please help me ... Thank you!
  14. Newbie here ... welcome me to your home :)
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