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  1. Reel

    just want to ask

    Welcome to Blue Land~
  2. Yes yes For New Year: Sparkler Headband & 2018 Headband
  3. Ginger Bread Spirit / Reindeer Spirit / Santa Spirit / Gift box / Bells ( on the trinket slot)
  4. Reel

    Summer Postcard Event!

    IGN: Reel http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g73/Reel09/PhotoGrid_1496211190031_zpsjlhzo8ea.png~original Entry denied: Resized image.
  5. Is the server down? I've been trying to log-in for almost an hour.
  6. Reel


    Only costumes from the itemmall?
  7. I think a tank would be more effective if you have STR mix VIT or VIT mix STR Items. Regarding the path, Phalanx-Magnus will have more physical defense compared to RuneKnight-Paladin. But RuneKnight-Paladin has higher block rate than Phalanx-Magnus.
  8. Reel

    Pinoy Attendance

    Wala na active dito sa forums? Present Reel.
  9. Reel

    egg pet

    Hi! Haha. Maybe you forgot to feed it? :3
  10. Reel


    Hoping for that to happen soon. Surely, Sniper's/Panzer's population will greatly increase if muskets can be philoed and their skills will be fixed.
  11. Reel

    egg pet

    Hmm, sometimes, my pet seals itself. Like for example, I am grinding, my pet will suddenly be off, and I will see it sealed on my bag. But not dead.
  12. Reel

    egg pet

    Also take note that when you revive your pet, the friendship left (pet's HP) is only 30/100. So you really need to feed them before they die again.
  13. Reel

    egg pet

    You need more luck like me. Haha. Based on my experience, I have made more than 3 characters and grind it from lv27-60 by killing harpy. And I still didn't get even a single egg. And about the drop rate, I think it has a one out of one hundred ( 1/100 ) chance to get the egg.
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