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  1. Multy char fishing ilegal?? i Read on rules is not http://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php/forum-7/announcement-10-server-and-forum-rules/
  2. maybe not, cause i try playing at internet cafe, it's same problem... @orange : this's my connection problem or with the server? cause i played another hard game it's normal
  3. i don't know , sometimes my connection delay... and occasionaly always delay.. i'm sure this's not my connection, cause my connection is normal
  4. heran harga barang makin naek aja... dan itu org latin napa ngasih harga ga wajar bgt... contohnya? cek aja yg suka dagang di cinda :blink: dan para tengkulak makin merajalela, bikin harga ga karuan... maksud dan tujuannya apa coba... dasar para tengkulak
  5. alkatiry

    Now Playing???

    17.crude prophecy - herkaus forest :lol:
  6. hahaha i learn pinoy language :D
  7. Ito ay napag-usapan kung ano ang ya :lol:
  8. hindi ko alam mo, ko lang congratulated malugod pabalik :lol: :D
  9. anyway...thanks you yukiii :)
  10. good afternoon pinoy :lol:
  11. xD i'm tired to SS again sis hmm... about the gif picture, up to you sis, make it the best to me :)
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