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  1. ign: TotoyOten participate day 1
  2. IGN: iMrRed Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone 🥰🥳
  3. or +13pd 1pcs + how much should i pay to get a pd from 135
  4. i have 2pcs +13cas can i exchange it to 1 PD 135 no enchant is fine gm orange
  5. Gon58


    yes its me want to buy it?
  6. is warrior, swordsman, knight, destroyer cool too?
  7. can this weapon exchange to diamonds or something, its a sad reality that no one wants to buy this items already. Do something about these items ADMINS or GM. Its not just me, who has these problems. we are many. thank you
  8. Gon58


    S>>>+13cas [p]22+str [r]119crit S>>>+13cas [p]22+str mix 15+vit [r]115crit
  9. ohh sword has more attacks speed in casting skills than axe?,, in crit rate axe is better than sword? is that it?
  10. Whats the advantage of axe user in destroyer now a days guys? and also the disadvantage? please answer need to know :3
  11. i dont care about him!,, btw its okie ty to you all,, how to close this topic?.. sorry for the illegal leveling.. ill just go fishing for now
  12. ohh thats why :3,, well its okie admin.. sorry misunderstand i thought me banned becuz of my friends fault.. sorry my bad for the pk lvling i need to lvl fast so that i can start farming my reason for pk lvling tnx again i thought i can retrieve my poor items .. huhu
  13. To Admins: please dont join my account in being banned just because of same IP address so unfair for us,, i know our friend in computer shop tried to scamm but it doesnt mean that some of us will be joined becuz of him.. so sad of us very poor of this game being banned becuz of friends fault... it happened also 1yr ago when theres a event and two of us in computer shop win a event but we didnt claim the price becuz of same IP.. but we understand that our fault becuz of same IP.. but now pls have an excemption! .. my items are in this character ign inspiredfarmer .. if try to invistigate again if u can see the time im playing the character ign inspiredfarmer and plasm are always play at the same time if you can see and thats my evidence in playing this game.. i dont care if my friend is being banned,, thats his choice! .. i hope you can see this admin.. i just want to play fair in this game
  14. i would like to ask if i can still retrieve my account but i forgot my password?
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