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  1. i think nakita ko si eicer11 sa montblanc, nakasuot ng kobold cos tama ba? hehe
  2. Wow, thanks for the quick reply that was really helpful. Now I'm off to level my char.
  3. You know, any topic that identifies currently implemented stuff, or what's not implemented yet. I've seen the patch notes which is really nice but it only dates from December 17, 2015. I just wanted to know if the class passives are implemented or not that's why I came looking out for such a guide. After that I've seen the Crusader 2.0 post, some details about cast speed, then I realized I needed more info. Please, if there is no such guide, anybody who is interested to make one or contribute? I can work with them, just hit a reply. Otherwise please point me to the right direction, thanks!
  4. That makes sense, thanks for the info! back in 2010 i think, Celestia had a wipe and was down for several months, may mga ibang server na medyo popular din so naglipatan dun ung ibang players, myself included. San na kaya ung mga kaedaran ko maglaro haha.
  5. Oh, the subject was suddenly changed to "Dead Server", oops did I break a rule? Sorry if I did. I find that response interesting though.
  6. Kumusta po! Sino po dito nakapaglaro pa from Athens? Naalala ko pa nung nag-DDoS ung owners nitong celestia para mapabagsak ung athens hahaha. Nakakabadtrip talaga un eventually nagclose narin ung server. Anyway I think I'll be playing the game again for nostalgia. Hoping to find new friends in game :lol:
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