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  1. Hii ! Greetings , I just want to ask , how can i recover my password . because , i logged in my account on the website , and I changed my password because the page required me to do it . now i dont know what password have i entered . can i recover it through my email ? REPLY ASAP thanks
  2. Thanks for correcting me. but I dont need that now .
  3. Hii ! :( I just wanna ask . Why cant i use my buff potions that i've bought it tasartia in alker harbor. I've tried everything . I reinstalled my client already. turn off/on my firewall . and besides i dont have any antivirus in my laptop. so please. help me . i getting dc when i started to use the potion . i dont know why. i tried deleting the item . and buy new one . but still its making me disconnect . please fix it asap
  4. Thnk you s much . I didnt know that there was a new installer . thank you gm !! godbless !
  5. Hii . Goodafternoon ! :) I just wanna ask why can't I patch my client ? I already reinstalled it and delete celestia patch , and also tried manual patching. but still it doesnt continue to patch. it says "Failed to get update-021016.luna
  6. Can't even log in . i think all maps are offline. please fix it ASAP . thank you
  7. Still patching it Hope it works !! Yaaaaaay !! It worked ! Thanks ! loveya <3
  8. When i'm clicking the server . it freezes everytime , and says "Failed to connect to server. Please check the website for latest information" , I reinstall the client also , and did the "delete celestiapatch file and click the "LUNAPATCHER" thing , but still it doesnt work. I just wanna know why ? or am i ban ?
  9. HIi sir rookie . What about the path wiz-priest-warlock-necro .. does it work ? cause my path it has 6k pdef , but my farmer with 5kpa. use to 2hit my necro. so i'm thinking . maybe that kind of path is a failure. can you help me with the PROS and CONS with my path ? Thank you so much !
  10. Hii ! I just wanna know what happen to the server ? I always dc , and so hard to connect to server. Thanks
  11. I want to reset it because i'm not so sure if my accidentaly delete or not . Because i transferred it to my account . :( please help me . Try to reset my account :(
  12. :'( You're not be able to reset my account ? just try it. at least once :'( i dun care if the level will be resetted. at least you tried please ? reset my account in 12-24 hours :(
  13. Hii ! Goodmorning to all . I accidentally deleted my item medusa . Would i be able to reset my account 12 hours ago ? or can i still recover my thrown item ? please I really need help .
  14. What costume in suit/body will I use ? WR ? And what stats will i put till 105 ? All vit ?
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