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  1. richkravhh


    Hello, glad to hear that you're new here! Don't forget to check the Celestia Luna's guide on here If you got any problem, please head to here Have a good game, bro! Sincerely, RichKravh
  2. richkravhh

    login issue

    Well, you may need to reinstall the updates of celestia luna, 1. Go to your Celestia Luna's Directory Files 2. See on that version.dat 3. Try deleting it, after that run again the Celestia If that instructions doesn't work, tell me instead.
  3. Date : 01/10/2017 Edited and UP!
  4. SELLING Magical Flame Stock : ? Minimum of order : 10 Slots Maximum of order : x Note : Ordering in above of 20 slots may take up to 3 days of working(exclude weekdays) so you need to pass the golds first. Order by send me a message/inbox [b]Form[/b] [i]Nickname :[/i] [i]Item name :[/i] [i]Quantity :[/i] Edit reason : Changed the item list for selling. I, richkravhh certifies that i won't scam any golds on this thread. Signed, RichKravh
  5. DirectX 12, windows 10 please help me, @Orange
  6. I wanted to play CLO again, please help me out @Orange
  7. @Orange please check your CLO files and head to Data - Sound - Interface, look for button_over.sfk, is that normal file? or might be corrupted file?
  8. Anyway, i run my game on Windows 10, everything looks clear but now i can't play because of that error notification, so sad D: Need assistance, asap :( @Orange @Jonah
  9. Done restarting my computer for 4 times, nothing work, what's next ? :( Anti aliasing is currently on '0', i didn't make any changes.
  10. Hey, help me out, I was done installibng my celestia luna but, when i launch it, it says REQUESTED AUDIO FORMAT NOT SUPPORTED Any solution? :(
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