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  1. did all the thing u guys told me still the same
  2. kiisukii

    Newbie NEED HELP

    @Fifin alredy done that , nothing happen :/
  3. there is no log in box after connecting server 

    did the antivirus thing , but still the same .

    Help me pls   :38:

  4. kiisukii

    Newbie NEED HELP

    nak mintak tlg , lepas connect server xde log in box
  5. I have downloaded the new installer and i can only connect to the server but the log in box did not show up .

    What should i do ? I wanna playyy .... :32:

  6. Yes . Before the new installer , i cant even connect to the server . But after downloading the new installer , i can connect to the server but the log in box didnt show up . Nothing show up . i cant play since the server maintenance . Pls ~~~~ i want to play ....
  7. Umm , can someone help me ? After connecting to the server , nothing show up . Can i ask what is happening ? I cant log in . Help me pls T^T .
  8. About the maintenance , when will it be over at Malaysia ? :32:

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