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  1. I saw a sunglasses is it drop by a monster or obtainable in the sock?
  2. As of now I only got Frost Bite Teeth (Lv. 115 Necklace) (Nera) Ice Golem Leg (Lv. 105 Dagger) (Nera) and I think this are the common ones Please Reply what other Special or Rate items can be acquired through this event. and what monster and location can they be found.
  3. Though its higher experience reward, there so few and takes time to kill especially that the stats haven't been reverted back yet. So in the end its better to do leveling in graves. In addition if you want to finished the event quest to it there (NH)
  4. Gently

    Donator Items

    What are all the Donator Items and their average price range in game. Pictures of them would be a great help. if can't be disclose, please message me.
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