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  1. Do you have a PCI network card?
  2. Same problem here, since December 2016.
  3. Hi Orange. First, thanks for all Help, and a Happy new Year. Brandon told me to ask you, How to obtain the item " Blade of The Sun " Two Handed Sword?

  4. mauriciobk


    35USD Via Paypal
  5. mauriciobk


    Why did not I get my bonus gems? Gets only 770
  6. I'm playing, the solution was to install on a second computer with different configuration and lower performance.
  7. I tested a Luna Plus server and it worked correctly. But I want to play Celestia
  8. Yes, I disabled windows defender. I do not have any other antivirus.
  9. I tried both versions at the same time and also separated, but nothing worked. I had already tried installing all versions of Visual C ++ too, without success.
  10. I tried to install windows 7, but the same problem occurred. Here the Screen Shot:
  11. Had already installed all versions of the Software. I tried to uninstall/install again, reset system, reinstal game, but nothing has changed. The crash occurs only when I click connect, on the login screen, after choosing the server.
  12. Windows 10 Antivirus off Full Client Instalation Run Luna Select Server Login page - Click Connect - Client Crash Client Stopped Working
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