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  1. oh okey admin .. thanks for that .
  2. HI .. Good Morning .. i just wanna ask ? .. is it Okey to do RMT here ? .. i red in our rules that it is prohibited but .. why my report a week ago w/ proof got ignored ? .. do i need to pay for it ? .. i hope my question didn't ignored too .. thanks in advance
  3. okay thanks .. i hope i wouldnt be banned .. i just did report what i discovered lately .. thank you admin orange IGN : fuccboi
  4. is it possible for me to get banned ? .. when using a teleport scroll after a single hit on the toxic/trashtalker player @ pvp 1 ? [Removed instructions] then they were saying im using a bug hide ? .. nope .. im just using that kind of trick .. isnt bannable sir maam ?
  5. Azzeemm... End up like this ampf
  6. http://i65.tinypic.com/nbdlxh.png
  7. Still cant install sir, is there a Direct sulotion for that? pls i wanna play
  8. Please teach me how to patch the client
  9. OMG, i recover my other account , and the email came, but on my other account, i didnt recieve any email :( How can i recover my farmer? maybe i mispelled the Email Address Can i still recover it?
  10. How long did the Password Reset send the email to recover?
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