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  1. Im a "wonderer"-class now aka Arc angel (I think it was wincard who told me its arc angel) - and i bought a reset skill + stat and followed this guide: So i guess i'm fine now when I have rset skill + stat?
  2. My questions is as follows: Once I reach lvl 105 (im lvl 102 currently) - Will I be able to instead of being an Entrapper with dagger, to be an archer with a bow? If I can, do I have to restat/reskill or what do I have to do? Tbh, im getting tired of using daggers (yes im serious XD) and therefor I want to use a bow. (I lik longranged instead of running to the mob all the time) Ive seen the guides on the class, but I cant understand if im able to change back to a bowman instead of a daggerman - can someone help me plz? :)
  3. safetdk

    HQ makers?

    So i've tried makng HQ materials... And I must say, for the time it takes to make them, and the hassle with buying only 100 at a time is not worth the work. You need like 10 slots (lets says Ruby) and 5 slots (as i remember) Flamestone to make 1 slot HQ rubies. I havent calculated how much gold you spend on it, but compared to the time you spend on it all, and you can sell a slot for 8-10m, it doesnt add up to be worth it. Am I the only one thinking this, or is it just me?
  4. But i still dont understand one thing... The 3-day Warhouse access are also perm then, right?
  5. Oh ye i see the difference. Thank you man, and the time to answer me! (Y)
  6. This would be nice if they would invent that!
  7. The typo in the text is: "Tiem" where it should be "item". "Causing the tiem to lose 1 enchantment level". - Its not a big typo or anything, just making you aware about it :)
  8. Ah... Then i an freely buy a 15 day for like 3b. Thank you for the help, Wincard (Y)
  9. So i've been looking for one.. But I dont understand one thing. People says, that the 15-day is a perm. Is this true, or are people just trying to steal my money?
  10. I was referrring to the waiting time for the next patch... I will still be playing the game, I was just talking about waiting for the patch Thanks, I gave you one too
  11. I was referrring to the waiting time for the next patch... I will still be playing the game, I was just talking about waiting for the patch
  12. Ah, okay mate. Then theres nothing to do, than just wait and see what it brings
  13. Nice mate! :) - Yes you are right, afterwards I made the topic I was thinking about the double drop rate, and it would crash items pretty much since everyone would camp different bosses for the drops. The EXP should be enough and people (i think) would be thankfull with just the exp's. It's nice to see that they consider double exp events on special occasions. Would be nice if they had time to host one this year. By that said, I dont think they have time to host one fo christmas, but who knows? maybe they already thought about it and are silence about it :) - Ty for your thoughts, Vincard!
  14. Well i'm wondering what the next update/patch will fix ingame? Will it fix the crashes, some bugs or a whole 3rd thing? Does anyone know what the next patch will be about? Like, is it just some tiny bug fixes or will there be a bigger update, so less people crash ingame etc? I'm just wondering since I reported a bug, and it isn't in the "fix" section, so idk if its gonna be fixed. Any admin / mod willing to tell us, what they plan to fix in the next patch? And what date will the patch land on?
  15. Well, I think the title pretty much says it all. But I think many of us would appreciate a Double-exp + Drop rate - weekends. Not every weekend, but like every 2nd or 3rd weekend, you host the double exp weekend. Ive seen a topic about double exp, but that was a whole week, which I cant agree. Isn't it enough for a weekend only? Most people have spare time in weekend, and most people will therefor benefit the event. I'm not saying its hard to level up in the game, but exp-weekends would be a great event for people who want to level up different classes etc. And imo the exp-weekends should be double and with 100% scrolls it will stack up to 200% total. = You will probably have more people buying 100% in those weekends = better income too. Well atleast a bit (i think) :) Please note: Do not bump the thread. Just reply with an "Agree" or "disagree" (Y)
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