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  1. yes i tried all way , still not working though ,,,
  2. hi there , i have tried all the way suggested from the other topic in technical help , i even uninstall my anti virus , and add the exception in my window defender , but still the login box does not show up after i select the server , does anyone know why ? and how i could fix this?
  3. hello orange , i faced the same problem too , it doesn't appear the login box after i selected the server , how do i fix this?
  4. junny

    Cant conect

    i tried these , but still not working... still have other solution?
  5. junny

    Cant conect

    Hello , I cant connect to my luna since yesterday , after i click 'connect' button in the game , is show nothing but just the background of the game, it dint show the 'username and password' list. how do i fix this ? i tried to add luna file to my exception list of the anti virus , and reinstall and so on, but it wont help D: ,anyone facing the same problem with me ? :( can anyone help me? isit luna maintenance ? Thx alot.
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