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  1. Haihai

    devil horns

    ohh sorry ty for answer, and sorry that the chicken gloves, full moon, and ss buff is in positive not in negative os i thought that increase % of ss in here is opposite in luna plus
  2. Haihai

    devil horns

    is that realley -5 cast speed? pls makeit +5 % cast speed :<
  3. B> BOW 80B B>vip boots 35b B> clean fcb 15b B>flick 2x 19+ m.a 9b ea
  4. Haihai

    Gems bonus

    May thiis gems bonus be extended until thursday on or before my salary?XD
  5. Hola GM how about the magic crit rate of s.a etc (mages) i feel so unfair when rogues,fighters got 70-100% magic crit rate without spending too much money, an im s.a 4-7out of 10 hits i only get to crit while the other jobs used to crit alot. I really feel so unfair even though most of us mafes not using wis, because it only increase the mdef,mp,hp recovery and not usefull at all while the 2 jobs(fighter and rouge) has dex which is really useful for them. The 2 jobs can also get crit damage of it while is s.a need more lvl to get more damage, and alot of us can get one hit with rogues and fighters because their damage is so high and their p.a to, and the s.a need to be fully buff to be really useful. I heard that you said that you dont want all players to crit much because you want it to be balanced, but what happened?(im not sure if you're the one GM who said this or other player) the crit damage and the def seems to be unbalanced and the mage to?? I saw other luna that all jobs are fair(which is i will not mention but i know they kbow it because i might ban me). The jobs of that luna can fight fairly balanced crit damage, and can tank the danage of their oponents and the mage their looks fair with em. Thats just it i know Orange and other GMs will not notify my message again and just seen it.
  6. Im sorry if im out of topic(because i cant reply in the patch notes). May i ask if there's a new wand for mages to (imean 1hand)? I dont want to use medusa forever because it decreases my hp :(. I hope its not just the 2hand staff new for mage because our deff will decrease. Last questionXD is there a new shield to? Btw thank you for increasing the chance of crafting light light armor to int GMs!!!
  7. Pls dont ban me for saying all of this GMs
  8. May is ask if in the next patch, wis will give magic crit rate to? And is it possible that cloak of kingdom knights be tradable to since it was removed at the site? Uhhh gms i dont hear any news about the wis stat that has chance to give magic crit rate soon pls. Dont abandon that topic, alot of us hoping for that update because not all pf the mage users can afford BOW or maybe thats the point?! to buy BOW and expect to much that doesnt even has a chance to give that thing? And plus, my suggestion does any pf the jobs give passive? I cant see it in the skill thingy in the passive section. I need answers especially for the gms , becuz its been 3 times since my topic was being ignored by the GMs. Please dont just give us new items we need something that will give a big change for the character, its like wasting money repeatedly that most people of celestia know. Why? Because the game system now is just like buy/sell to the users and its really a big impact that alot of *free users* that tend to be newbies to try to play this game, and do you know how hard to be a newbie GMs? The system now kinda ruined!! bully people in the pvp, items that kept ongoing overpriced, and hacked reinforce/bugs that people does now!!! Its like their daily routine now. Its hard to believe but yes its true, GMs should really take action of this.
  9. Hi is the female character faces bugg? It only show 1 face even thoughi tried to change it everytime and still not working even in premium salon its bug to me to. Male character faces works fine but for the female character faces not working fine in me
  10. Ohh since ot was removed at the sit by gm is it possible that it will be tradable for the next patch or something because i have 5 of them and i bought them with ppXD
  11. Ikr i read about it but i hope they make it sooner because crit buffs of s.a and inquirer is the only thing that give mages crit rate and the job passive to i think? And it looks like the total of the highest crit rate is 50 or 60% which is s.a with their only buff without belt of wisdom. Belt of wisdom cost like 30 dollars and i think 100b-125b if you buy to players, but that cost alot and there are alot of free players who cant afford it. Plus free users now are having a hard time to have some gold due to sudden update and they removed that gold points and made some of the consumable items at the site cost more i think? Btw im sorry for my grmmar but atleast you guys cab understand it✌ Uhh last ive been saying those things and gms arent replying to me sad. But its ok i have you guys. Im not important to gms especially to my ex? And uhh ummm uhhmm ohh yeah ohh ohh ohh yeah right there lmao sorry if i put this Please make wis -magic crit rate soon and make wands possible to reinforce magic crit rate too and philo?XD just my siggestion but i want the wis- magic crit rate Ohh im not sure about this but if i go offtopic im sorry✌
  12. And is it possible that philo will gove magic crit rate to and will show how many magic crit rat i have in the character info(c)? Uhh last one will it possible that we can reinforce our item with magic crit rate soon? Gm reply pls
  13. Hai guys so when will this wis stat give magic crit? Sorry for the interuption because you guys mentioned crusader who needs really needs magic crit rate
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