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  1. now I was trying to open 2 luna together a ta open and ta ta giving the same error
  2. I already disabled it and still continue the error
  3. I am not able to solve it I do not have any antivirus in my pc I formatted it today pro windowns 8
  4. I click on Start and this error appears What should I do?
  5. slone


    Thank you
  6. slone


    A Doubt a Blade Taker Lvl 120 Must have how much of Eva - Strike and Crit?
  7. slone

    Cloud Sailors Set

    Which Item builds Cloud Sailor's Vest?
  8. slone

    Black Screen

    Mont Blanc Port ... Yes Other Character Connects normal
  9. slone

    Black Screen

    I connect the server and my character does not appear... Help
  10. My Char's Stuck in Mont Blanc Port Black Screen What Do I Do?

    My Char ( Tander )

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