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  1. Best wishes from Redemption guild and our union TheFirstKind!! <3
  2. Wesley


    The removal of the voting system was clearly explained in detail (as quoted above). Although it may seem like the game has turned towards a pay-to-win system, in reality it hasn't. For any game to survive, it heavily relies on the player base and their willingness to donate in order to keep this server running. You can't compare free-to-play and pay-to-win with pay-to-play. All three examples are completely different. The donation system allows players (who are willing to sacrifice real money) to advance easier in the game. If you don't have that kind of commitment then simply play the game long enough and you will achieve what you want and what you need in due time. It's not worth crying over the inability to access the item mall for free now and it was a fair move by the Moderators to change it, with all the right reasons. Yes you can say those who purchase gems have the advantage in terms of controlling the market but in all fairness and understanding the game has been running for several years now and it's safe to say most players have managed to earn billions of gold. For the newbies they have to experience that grind like all us veterans have gone through. It's not fair when players who have been on CL for years got it hard grinding for gold and today's newbies get just as much within a few months. Remember the market is they way it is today because of the past. The market is the way it is today because change will always happen. What cost 1b today may cost 2b within the next few weeks or months - or 1b may be 500m the next. Why? The longer people play the more gold and rare/good items are introduced into the game as people farm and progress through the game. The market for items obtained in game is affected by this! However, the market for gems should never change as it will ALWAYS be fixed unless item mall items increase or decrease in price. If you have money and want to advance quickly then by all means donate a little for some gems. If you don't want to donate - simply play the game long enough (daily/weekly) and you can earn billions within a few weeks...it takes at least 2 days to get to 105 and make an entrapper...it only take 260/270 evasion to farm Nera Harbor...It takes only 10-15mins to get a full bag and can make 90m-130m per trip. note: there are plans to introduce daily/weekly rewards to those who are consistently logging into the game...we could see rewards like %exp scrolls or costumes (30days) etc etc etc.
  3. Wesley


    Have the ability to remove guild and family nicknames without disbanding and remaking/joining the guild/family again.
  4. Again this is a much better suggestion in terms of tackling earning gold and levelling up throughout the game, especially in the early stages. I feel like people got the notion of trying to level to 100+ in a day (which is possible for the experienced) and is not the intention of this thread. I also feel people find it easier to disagree with suggestions than actually encouraging change by actually giving useful insight rather than bluntly rejecting them. So +1 Brandon...looking forward to future change in regards to this. May I also add that (if u I am correct) - there are plans to introduce job resets for those who'd rather not make a new character (myself) and go through the (currently) tedious process of levelling a new char.
  5. I find that the majority responding to this suggestion are already well developed players who forget how hard it 'truly' is to level up AND obtain sufficient gold pre-level 105. I don't think the majority of you don't see the bigger picture of how THIS suggestion helps the game - even though it's an insignificant but VERY impactful change for 'newbies' (the actual target audience not the experienced players)* note: he stated fact that it takes 2-3 DD to gain one level (without buying exp scrolls cuz that's the point they're noobs!) - you are very limited to 10 DD per day and factors like disconnecting and dying (they're noobs you think they have good gear?) are legit. Don't even think about suggesting them to solo DD... All of you then resort to then suggest finding boosters and you all say they're hard to find so nonetheless noobs won't level until their next DD or spending the whole day grinding at the named maps above for 1-2 levels. note: don't contradict yourself when trying to suggest or help someone* In conclusion his suggestion should be taken into consideration. It's not too much to ask for 1 of 10 DD for multiplied exp benefit. And if they disconnect or die on their first DD then bad luck... note: that this doesn't only affect players between 80-100 but all levels and the required DD. As for all the experienced players continue doing you and be more helpful to the newbies...I've recently come back to the game a month now after being hacked 4 years ago. I've had to donate for gems to buy equipment to get me levelling again and I've helped newbies with gold/equipment and levelling. What's your excuse?
  6. Welcome back! Also warmest welcome to you from Redemption guild and our union TheFirstKind! Thanks for joining us and o hope you enjoy your stay:)
  7. You can keep the 1k stack but rather than have 1k stack per slot...it will auto fill 10 slots of 100 stack in the available inventory space. Just a thought:) EDIT: let's not say 1k stack but the ability to buy 1000 (insert item here) and let it auto fill inventory accordingly. EDIT: while we're talking about stacking can I suggest ONLY for health and mana pots to stack 1000 in one slot as they take up so much space...especially while farming.
  8. Wesley

    In Game Gold

    Well to be honest anywhere that's involved with gold really except of course when gold is dropped from monsters. I would like to see it inside my inventory too. EDIT: any currency that can be spent should be colour coordinated and anything that is system gold eg. drops or purchasing/selling to npc shown in the chat box remains as is... I hope you can follow what I'm trying to portray:)
  9. Wesley

    In Game Gold

    In regards to in game gold - I would like to suggest coloing the numbers for example: 100m > black 100m - 1b > green 1b - 10b > blue 10b - 100b > yellow 100b+ red I don't know if this has been suggested before or considered but yeah...here it is...thoughts?
  10. Well you need details to recover them ofc!
  11. Wesley

    Dungeon Date

    Haven't tried yet my friend hasn't been on... Will let you know Thanks
  12. Seems like all the veterans are coming back this year! I too just came back from playing in 2010/2011 - 2013 (the year I was hacked)...but thanks to the new system and GMs help I was able to recover them butt naked >< Known IGN: prominent, theOCHO or my brother's characters Jaffa and JENKA ^^ Guild: Redemption
  13. Wesley

    Dungeon Date

    Updated Can you view the image now?
  14. Wesley

    Dungeon Date

    Says "Too many party members to enter a date dungeon." but there was only two of us
  15. Wesley

    Dungeon Date

    It's just me and my DD partner in the party. We were doing dungeon just find earlier until this happened. I don't think we reached limit as well. We tried remaking the party and logging out but still get the same result. Anyone know what the issue is here and how to solve this? Thanks
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