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  1. dapat ikan lele, ama ikan mas, kalau hoki dapat shining Garbage. Kalau dijual harganya mahal.
  2. Ada kak.. Yaitu farming Rough diamond, atau mancing
  3. Im indonesia player, but can we be a friend?
  4. Can we stream the contestant?
  5. Horayy in the end a balance pvp :D
  6. Poor you bro.. :(( i agree now to get 1B so easly
  7. Ouh i know the problem, you're pc is low entry level, :v
  8. is the internet network good?
  9. saran sih bro.. Kalo lagi loading jangan kebanyakan di klick.. Diemin aja sampai dia berjalan normal
  10. maybe by cutting the price of goods in NPC, it can reduce the market price, for example: if the price of Phillo Stone is reduced by half then players who don't have much gold can meet their own equipment needs. A little take from my previous playing experience. I am the type of player who prefers farming to get items and money and experience by defeating monsters ... at first the monsters were quite easy to beat so I thought it was easy to be strong and I dropped gold too from defeating monsters so I thought I would too getting rich easily like this ... but after I explored map by map and defeated monster after monster the difficulty increased ... so I needed health potions and then the need for health potions continued to increase so my profit when farming was getting smaller... so what What I want to say is that lowering the price of health potions can also have a big impact on new players who like farming.... and I think there are quite a lot of new players like that... which will obviously be very helpful .. I am also an old player playing again I sold some of my valuable items at low prices and gave the gold to new players I knew, but now I am back playing and feel it takes a long time to reach the top of the game because of the market price I think it's getting more expensive, now I focus on gold first by becoming a HQ MAKER, I am very happy when I get paid more when making sales, thank you so much to the kind player ๐Ÿ˜Š, and I would be happy if the price of making HQ STONE could be adjusted a little, so hopefully GM thinks of a solution for us new players or old players who are back playing๐Ÿ’• CMIIW
  11. Can I join guild sir? I only have chara lv 33, and just a making material for money
  12. Thanks @SilverDeer owh... with right eq human entrapper better than elf entrapper because human have more phsycal demage.. I want to try it hehehe
  13. Pada hari sabtu malamnya sang penakluk untuk melakukan aksinya dengan berkelana ke nera harbor untuk sekedar refreshing karena dia merasakan kalau akan ada serangan monster skala besar di nera harbor jadi dia membentuk party dan member dari party tersebut :
  14. Lu ngapain cuy sampe di ban gitu
  15. Thanks very much @SilverDeer Thanks very much @SilverDeer i want ask..., for human entrapper how to consider equipment for ballance stats... Because human not have much eva
  16. Excuseme Staff celestic luna, all player.. I want asking for How About Economy in celestia luna Because i not know the price some players have been deceived by other player, the price is too high. So, how are we going to fix this? . . Thank you so much.
  17. Excuseme i want to asking what the bonus and stats for human race and elf race.. I want to make chara with entrapper job and i hope do it with no mistake, if you know about it can you share with me? . . Thanks so much guys
  18. If you go to cardinal, you can have fast heal in job cardinal and holy barier, so in lv 20 better take wizard job than cleric
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