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  1. I am just wondering if there is a full skill tree and description that GM can provide the player for better understanding of the full potential of each skill tree and path. Like what does it do where to get the upgrade of this skill, I know I am asking for a lot but, isn't it necessary to show the full skill tree so players can enjoy experimenting, not like experimenting with a trial and error.
  2. It's best to use Human path blade taker if you are poor, even if you have noob gears just the right amount of str and buff crits you can 1hit and easy farm nera harbor, although this requires to lvl up to 120? And even if you can't max the Extortion it is still kind quite good farming with it for a noob. I kinda use that one then switch to pure entrapper route for farming, when you have all the necessary gears you need.
  3. I remember I got a lot of Baby Rune Golem and Baby Harpy, and instead of selling them I used them without knowing they worth BILLIONS! lol
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