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  1. Every time we log in the game crashed.. I follow this instruction carefully My game crashes or nothing happens when I select server: Some antivirus programs flag our game client as a false positive because of our anti-cheat and block or quarantine it. You can play with your antivirus disabled or allow the game client to its exceptions list, which is a safer option. If you don't see "LUNAClient.exe" in your game folder that means your antivirus quarantined it and you must restore it before adding it to exceptions. same error exist.. the game client Force closed. before download installer. i disable the antivirus even the firewall already disable.. all folder appeared is on the image on my first post. i run the patcher then patch successfully then after that i log in and game client still crashed. now i follow the this instruction This is how to fix it :1. Uninstall the celestia luna2. Disabled the antivirus3. Install again , and enjoy your gameplay .If you play it with windows 7 ,1. Right click at the celestia luna icon2. Then click the compability3. Checklist at the “run this program in compatibility mode for”4. The click for windows XP service pack 3 or Vista service pack 25. Apply then ok or the 2b on forum guided same error exist.. the game client Force closed.
  2. I follow your instruction properly.. but Error still exist.. new player here.. anyone can help me??.. open for Team viewer for who wants to help.
  3. Can anyone help me.. New Player here.. Can't Log in.. Always Error
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