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  1. Atiqah

    Rune Silence

    Just watched the video and I have to agree, that's ability abuse right there
  2. Those eyes are creeping me out! Stop it!!

  3. There is a PVP map where you can do all the killings which is accessible thru your map scroll. There are also guild wars. What are the website's sections that you can't access? Is this game pay to win? Yes and No, maybe. It can be pay to win in the sense that Edits exist in the game (those players having items with edited stats that can go up to +200) but they are only 10% of the total population. Whereas on the other side, the remaining population can advance thru the game in two ways -- Donating and Grinding (farming gold). Those who donate (purchases gems) sacrifices real money to advance faster in the game.. If you dont like to do that, then you simply play long enough, invest time on farming gold and you can get on where you want to be in due time All of these are understandable because a server needs a paying player base to keep it running :)
  4. Since this is a private server, the exp and gold drop rates are pretty high But I have to make it clear: Assuming that you already know how to navigate the game, use your maps etc, your class have AOE skills and you are not lazy to grind, then yeah, going to lvl 75 should not take you daysss. A class that uses gun is called Panzer (from the fighter branch) and Sniper (from the rogue branch) but some of their skills are currently bugged that's why they are not that popular at the moment. However, recent news says that they will be fixed soon :) About being red and blue, there are no factions/camps in here unlike the on other versions of luna. About guild buffs and stats, honestly, I dont have much ideas about it. But I think it exists in the game About the quests; NO. You dont have to do quests here. The only quests you do here are the change job quests which are just click and click until you get the job. About the population of the game, i think 200+ or more people play this game everyday. (not really sure)
  5. Hello, I'm playing this game for about 6 months now, so I'm not a pro and my chars' equipments are still all on WIP (Work In Progress), but nevertheless there are some things I can share with you and I've wished somebody said these things to me when I was a newbie too. 1. For newbies, it's recommended to start with a farming class called "Entrapper" and here is a very good guide about it for you to follow: Click here to access the guide and see how farming with an Entrapper works. I also suggest taking the elf path because elf entrapper are much more easier (and cheaper) to build than a human one.. But to be honest, building an entrapper is not cheap for a newbie... 2. There are also other money-making methods here in the game. You can try reading this and this. 3. You can be lvl 75+ in just a couple of hours.. Lvl 75 - 105 seems to be the most boring part of the game Everything becomes slow at that point.. You can lvl up by teleporting to various maps within your level and doing date dungeons ten times a day. Investing 6-8 hours of gameplay per day is more than enough IMO. Hot tip: If you have a 1-hit entrapper already, you can make a new char from lvl 1 to lvl 105 in just 4-6 hours only without 100% or 30% exp boost 4. If you want to try other classes, I suggest you find a good guide here in the forums.. The paths to take are very important in the game so your char won't suck lol And oh, there are always who shouts "where do I change job for ______", and there will always be a troll. Well guess what, you won't have to do that. Just click this link for the job change locations and bookmark it! I guess that's it! If you have some questions, you can whisper or note me thru these IGNs: NoodleDoodle and Exeqt and I'll gladly help you as much as I can Cheers and Enjoy the game!
  6. Hello, @LittleTnCo65 Blue Guardian.. Indeed, I'm applying for a soldier position. Since Evangelique already started searching, I knew I had to start my search for the Priestess Luna too! In fact, I think this little hairy creature abducted her: But uhhhh, maybe not. It's just too cute.. Anyways, I also asked this fella over here if he knows something.. But too bad, he's just so busy reading a romantic pocketbook for him to answer me :c I think, I will call it a day. But I'm not giving up! Tomorrow, I'll be set on another adventure to find the Priestess.. And hello, hello @Tacco Girl, yes that place is beautiful. It is from a place called Fairy Valley. It is where I set foot coming from my homeland upon hearing the news about the Priestess Luna! Btw, are you interested for the job too?
  7. Hi, my name is Noodle, 23 yrs old and I came from The Pearl of the Orient Seas.. My name may not be the most badarse out there but I'm willing to risk and give my life for something bigger than myself -- the Priestess Luna. I don't fear the unknown. I prey those who prey on the fearful. I'm a flower that grows through a crack in the sidewalk I hope these things are enough to impress you, Blue Guardian. P.S. My favorite quote: Write me a tragedy, and I'll become a hero. (LMAO)
  8. Hey there Antiqah! How's it going my dear friend? I just realized something. To begin with, have you ever seen the movie series called "Chucky"? Well; don't take this the wrong way, but your profile pix here looks a little like Chucky from the movie. He was one scary doll. But I just loved the way he said, "Do you want to play a game?" Then he'd kill your ass. :umf:

    I'm getting ready to do the story line now. Submitting it that is. Along with the comment thread section. Just like we discussed. Thank you so much for your support. Lil' T

    1. rinchannau


      @Atiqah Hi Chucky :28: Please don't hunt me

    2. Atiqah


      @LittleTnCo65 LMAO. Yea I know that movie but never watched a single episode :D

      @rinchannau :34:

    3. LittleTnCo65


      I'm so glad you got a laugh out of it. So did our friend rinchannau. Isn't that just amazing? No; really. Now hurry on over and check out our story. Or I'm gunna end up being Chucky's Bride and get your butt. :50:

  9. Atiqah

    is this a scammer?

    Don't worry about that buddy.. He is a scammer. He doesn't have the right to be angry
  10. In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.

    ~ Abraham Lincoln

    1. LittleTnCo65


      I really love this quote! I must agree. Though sometimes I need reminding. XD

  11. WOW! A cool guide from Mastah Dark!! Thanks for this!
  12. Under the threat of the demon race, the brave elves forge alliance with various other races to prevent their homeland from being destroyed. The elves were forced to their last fight. Under the ferocious battle, a loud sad roar could be heard from the vast land. The world was separated with the load sad roar. From then on, people often hear the sad roar coming out from the cloud. Through this sad story, the people now call this place, Blue Land.(Source)
  13. Just go to this link: https://discordapp.com/ On top right corner you can see the "Login" button..So yeah, you can use with just the browser only!
  14. LOLOLOL 1. Emojis are indeed pretty darn adorable. 2. Ohhh my bad, i thought you meant something else LOL
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