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  1. You are right, I missed calculate form passive skill. My Destroyer has 44%p.a. from Risk Taker, 10% form job passive (W-S-K-D). all is 54% P.a. That makes main p.a. is only 302! not 465! (302+54%) Im so very confused. Idk what is wrong or correct now.
  2. Test No.2 Naked Lv.109 Destroyer with 465 P.a. (Dex Type) 1.Burning Rage (20% P.a.) - 548 P.a. **83 should be 93 (46.5x2) 2.P.a.20% From grocery shop - 548 P.a. **83 should be 93 (46.5x2) 3.BR and 20% Pot - 631 P.a. **166 (83+83) you can see my TEST Lv3.Burning Rage and 20%Pot still has the same amount.
  3. My Entrap bow has 4716 P.a. with no buff 1.Burning Rage (20%P.a.) - 5050 P.a. **334 2.P.a.20% From grocery shop - 5050 P.a. **334 3.BWL (10% P.a) - 5116 P.a. **400 4.Burning Rage + BWL - 5478 P.a. **762 NOT EQUAL 334+400=734 Why BWL add more P.a.than 20%Potion and Burning Rage? And when using Burning Rage + BWL add more P.a. than single use Burning rage and BWL?
  4. Is rapid arrow bugged ? I think it was my internet all the time :(
  5. 1.Why don't take Rapid Arrow, even it takes 534 damage at lv25 ? 2.What about Pounding shot 91% stun 6 sec at lv25 ?
  6. HELP! My character is stuck in Zakandia Outpost with black screen. IGN ET101
  7. 1. Should we add cri.rate more than 100% ?? 2. Even I have more than 100% cri rate, sometimes I do not cri. How many % would be enough? 3. I heard "more cri rate = more cri dmg" is this true?
  8. About passive(Long Shot) and buff(Elastic Bow) doesn't work with AR Attack skill, but normal attack. So I think AR doesn't need to upgrade these skill. What do you guys think?
  9. Fast Reload does increase skill atk speed but not increase movement speed. Even the skill itself says increase movement speed. I tested on my AR.
  10. just increase 5% aspd more I'll buy this set right away.
  11. The Description says 40% but I only get 35%.
  12. Does 3 Combo of Monk skill still good in Soul Arbiter Class? Because I rarely see most SA use these skill. If not can you explain why because I think this is the best skill while we are in Monk or Inquirer class Thank you.
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