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  1. I've been exploring new territories with other classes, and I've come across a very under appreciated skill -- curse weakness! This is such a powerful skill that it should be a staple to all mage builds. Here it is at its peak: While this is an awesome skill, I've found the tool tip does not exceed expectations, and I'll show you what I mean. Take note of the following stats mentioned in the tool tip window: Movement speed Critical rate My guinea pig for today will be my magnus, Zecallion. Observe his raw stats: Here are his stats again, but this time, he is afflicted by the weakness curse... As one can observe, the movement speed is completely unchanged, in both the stat window, and as well as actually running around. Also take note of the critical rate in both stat windows -- a 19% decrease! A far cry from 0% critical chance. When curse weakness is coupled with angelic touch, one's magical defense can fall below zero, and when this happens, something very strange happens to the magical defense stat:
  2. I'd like to propose a crafting component that would guarantee a specific stat upon a successful craft. For example: You are trying to craft a lvl 135 heavy armor piece, and you wish to have STR as the craft stat. In order to do so, you would mix in an STR essence (if you will) along with all of the other components needed to craft that piece of gear. This STR essence would guarantee that your crafted gear will have an STR craft stat. This could be done with other base stats as well (int, dex, vit, etc.)
  3. Panzer and sniper have both been planned on being fixed in future patches, though it's uncertain when that will be.
  4. 1500 crit is supposed to be a 100% chance to crit, but there is always a slight chance to miss a crit, even if you have over 1500 crit. The 80 dex boost from entrapper giving the char a large boost in crit rate depends on the dex value of the character (the higher dex your char has, the larger the boost from zephyr). A dex paladin can be a great character depending on your set up. Playing normally, you'll want to have at least 1000 crit rate. 1000 crit can be achieved easily using HB set, dex crafts, etc. A dex paladin can only succeed if you ignore vitality all together, which works out considering your block rate.
  5. I think adding a debuff which counters the effects of silence would be a more viable option for both boss hunting and pvp, though I agree that almost a whole minute of silence is too much and needs to be shortened
  6. Barnacle Bill


    What is the purpose of a war? How do you determine who has won a war? When ever I go to war, I see there isn't really a goal that my team, or the enemy team is working towards (such as maybe a kill limit). Is it just about bullying the enemy team until they all leave one by one?
  7. What stats for leveling sirs? Do I need restat? What do I restat to and when?
  8. The human path won't get any stun skills unless you use 1h sword, in which case you can use Blunt Shield, but if you're dual wielding, you won't get any stuns unless you take swordsman to get spirit sword as opposed to infantryman who does not get this skill. Spirit Sword is simply a sleep skill, however.
  9. For Tak Tak, my bt can dodge every hit with 410 eva. As for pdef, I'm not sure because my paladin with 8k pdef was still taking 200 damage per hit.
  10. Why is it that I can cast my sonic boom first (as in I see the animation of my sb appear first), but my enemies sb kills me? I see their animation appear maybe a split second after my animation, but I somehow die.
  11. I believe CL could use a little deflation, if the new system does at all somehow decrease the prices of crafted items.
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