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  1. Selling BWS PDef = 90B Red Dragon Wing = 60B Earth Wing = 30B Buying Holy Crusader Heavy Set Fey Wing LCape 18,19 or 20 Vit Trading Aqua Wing 4%MA to your Clean/Dirty Astral Wing
  2. Good day GM Orange just want to ask if this will be Permanent or just for the Holiday Season? Thanks
  3. paladin4life

    devil horns

    yea Casting time is the right word.. But i already check in the game and its +5% Cast Speed not -5% so i think its only typo error in the Gem Store.. so the correct is that it has +5%cast speed +5% Magical Crit Chance.. so its a positive effect it will make your Cast speed faster because its +5% Speed..
  4. paladin4life

    devil horns

    Yeah its a little bit confusing ahaha.. so -5% cast speed means you can cast the spell faster or it will be slower? INCREASE CAST SPEED means the SPEED FOR SKILL CASTING WILL BE FASTER right? DECREASE CAST SPEED means the SPEED FOR SKILL CASTING WILL BE SLOWER because of DECREASE IN CAST SPEED INSTEAD OF INCREASING THE SPEED IT WILL DECREASE so the cast speed will be longer? Am I right or wrong? Thanks for the Answer ADMIN..
  5. paladin4life


    How much hathor vit 2pcs?
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