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  1. Hey Kitty Kat! What's up? Have you checked out the Priestess Luna Story-line Activity I did? You should; I mean, you really should. :48: Also; on my profile in the about me section I posted a pix of you and I. You should see it when you have time. I'd get one of Jonah; but he always looks so darn weak. :41: Cya later dear.

  2. I've experienced it on the other DD brackets as well. I don't think it's only 101-120.
  3. Kitty. Where you been? I've missed you. T_T

    1. Kitty


      I'm here! It was nice seeing you in-game today!

    2. LittleTnCo65


      It's always a pleasure to see you. I promise you; I only have "five" characters that will occasionally harass the heck out of you. :40:

  4. Honestly 1b can't get you all that much anymore. A clean Phixus is around 2b, one with critical damage or other amulet philos will up the price by a few billion. Restat and Reskill scrolls are 1.3-1.5b as well. The gem to gold ratio is around 70-75m per gem.
  5. Welcome back! No idea how long you've been away, but there is currently a summer event going on in-game that you can read up on the CL website or right here on the forums. Pukerian scrolls range from 1.3-1.7b depending on the seller. Lollipops..you mean the weapon? I've seen them for 25-50m clean. You can still level quickly and easily from the date dungeons. I hope that answered everything. If you have any other questions, feel free to message me on here or in the game. My IGN is Vados.
  6. Welcome, welcome! My IGN is Vados if you need any help making your way around the server or have any questions!
  7. Hi Kitty. You are so bright and cheerful. I love what you have listed for your interests. Makes me get all mushy inside. :D (Please don't get the wrong idea). I just enjoy seeing people reaching out for one another. Cya in the threads. Hopefully in-game as well.

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    2. LittleTnCo65


      :46:  Yeah; I sort of figured that out by your statement of Interests. :39: Isn't friendship and or love grand?! Your avatars look so awesome together! I can just imagine how you'd be irl. But I'll pass; cause I tend to get myself into trouble that way. Hopefully I help provide Jonah with amusement as well. I now have my oldest son and my handsome, adoring hubby have joined the wonderful Land of Blue. (Geez, just when I thought it was safe to go back outside.) :41: :42: I like your character name of Vados. May I ask what it represents? 

    3. Kitty


      Love is grand. :shyheart: Got the family playing now, huh? The more, the merrier! Jonah and I made Goku and Vados together, which are characters in Dragon Ball Z. :D

    4. LittleTnCo65


      Well; I recognized Jonah's Goku right away. Dragon Ball Z was and still is my oldest son's favorite Anime show. I also enjoyed Dragon Ball Z and Digimon. :D I just worked so much back then that I rarely had time to watch a full episode. I don't know all of the characters' names. I just know that the show actually helped keep my son out of trouble. Thank you for helping me feel like I belong here. :cool:

  8. Kitty

    Gems bonus

    Charge it but really, I highly doubt they're going to extend it an extra week for one person lol
  9. It would be nice, but I would say that it's definitely not a top priority right now haha.
  10. If you PM Orange on here or on Discord, you can ask the specifics of PDing and what is available to get.
  11. MFW I clearly hit someone at pvp before they did but they still kill me because of their laggy connection.
  12. you're cute

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