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  1. Well, i have done all the recommendations, but still cannot connect to game. I do not install anything or even update some some programs. Anyways, thank you Orange for your efforts in explaining what to do. Its time to say good bye. Appreciate all efforts.
  2. Hi, yes i have installed the VC Redistributables and still encountered same issue. Actually, i already played this for almost a month already, but i don't know what happen. My antivirus is already disabled since the day i played. So, i don't really know what happen. Do you have any resolutions? Thanks
  3. Hi, i have tried all the solutions given. But still, error encountered. I cant send screenshots anymore, due to restrictions of size. Please help, thanks. Hide problem details: Problem event name: APPCRASH Application name: LUNAClient.exe Application Version: Application timestamp: 58a639a3 Fault module name: LUNAclient.exe
  4. Hi, i cant log in to the game due to error acquired. Please help.
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